CSS Timesavers for Web Designers

Web design is about creativity, effective workflow and organization. That’s why being a web designer is not easy at all. Usually it takes a lot of time for searching new resources, tools and services which help to create really outstanding web projects. A professional web designer should always keep abreast of all events in web design industry, tracking the latest trends and new technologies. Time is a very limited resource, so we hope that these CSS tutorials and techniques will help in your working process. In this post we prepared for you some of the most useful and handy CSS timesavers which will become a must-have point for each web designer who wants to improve his or her skills and save the time!

CSS Guide for Beginners

In this guide you have a great opportunity to look at the very core concepts for how to rethink the CSS you’ve been writing by trimming the fat and reducing the redundancy. The result will be leaner CSS that’s easier to author and maintain.

Filter Functionality with CSS3

In this tutorial you will be exploring those CSS3 properties by creating a experimental portfolio filter that will toggle the states of items of a specific type.

Toggle a Page’s Color and Content with Pure CSS

Using this timesaver, you’ll get to know how to build a basic HTML/CSS demo page, then add in a button that allows the user to toggle the page’s color scheme between two states: day and night. As the colors switch, so will various other elements on the page.

Creative Web Typography Styles

Let’s create some interesting web typography effects with several CSS techniques and the help of lettering.js.With a little bit of CSS magic we can transform text into beautiful typography and omit the use of images in many cases. In this tutorial we will be creating different web typography styles using the lettering.js jQuery plugin and various CSS techniques. For some of the examples we will also add hover transitions to make things a bit more interactive.

Page Transitions with CSS3

Save your time with this great tutorial that includes helpful explanations about CSS transitions and how to use them in your work.

5 Steps to Drastically Improve Your CSS Knowledge in 24 hours

Here you’ll find 5 topics that will drastically boost your understanding of CSS. Spend some time reading about each over the next twenty-four hours and you’ll change the way you code forever.

CSS Button Switches with Checkboxes and CSS3 Fanciness

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create some realistic-looking switch buttons using pseudo-elements and checkboxes.

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