7 Essential Elements of Exhibition Design

Exhibition design transcends being just an advertisement for a company, but aspires to be something more akin to artistic endeavor.  Within the design and implementation of exhibition stands there are a host of potential restrictions, such as size and space, guidelines from event organizers or brands, as well as the time and logistical restrictions of transporting and assembling exhibitions.  But the restrictions don’t have to hamper the creativity, merely giving it a form made from well-tested and constantly evolving elements of exhibition design that even the finest exhibition companies follow for success.

Making the Most of a Space

The first decision to make is how best to utilize the space, informing both the size and shape of your exhibition design.  The location within the exhibition can have a massive impact: the design of an exhibition in a corner location and one right in the middle of an open space will considerably differ.  Once a company has complete knowledge of the space limitations, an exhibition stand can be created to fit perfectly, ensuring a unique and innovative design specific to its location.

Which Type of Stand?

Again, the type of stand used by a company is informed by restrictions.  Furthermore, space and location come into consideration, but more prominently, factors such as the client, their budget and creative direction will come into effect.  The larger the brand and budget, the more likely a design is to be custom made, whereas smaller budget brands are more inclined to favour a minimalistic design.  


Often overlooked by more visceral aspects of creative exhibition design, lighting can be one of the most simple and effective ways to draw attention to a brand.  The perfect use of lighting can dramatically change the atmosphere, giving an exhibition the edge over its competitors.  Yet the wrong use, or no lighting at all, ensures an amateurish, ineffective look to the stand.  

The Use of Digital Technology

The use of digital technology in everyday life has increased exponentially, and exhibition designs are no exception.  Not only does it show that a brand is innovative, but it also provides a level of interaction with customers that will prove far more memorable and effective than almost any other element of exhibition design.  Whereas lighting, graphics and stand design will bring people over initially, the use of iPads or mobile POS systems will keep them there.

The Right Message

A simple, memorable and unique message is another vital part of any successful exhibition design.  A company cannot deliver this message unless it completely understands the goals and ambitions of its exhibition stand.  Striking simplicity is the key, as either overbearing or dull and ineffective messages will turn people away immediately.  


One of the standards of brand recognition in exhibition design, organizations must ensure their use of graphics is striking and unique.  Anything less will result in simply being another exhibition stand lost amongst the swell of companies.  As with message delivery and use of typography, less is always more.

Text and Typography

There are few things worse with exhibition design than being drowned with reams of text.  People are becoming more and more reliant on short, simple uses of text with eye-catching typography.  Successful brands present their identity with as few words as possible, otherwise it simply gets lost in a sea of words most consumers will not bother to read.

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    March 19, 2014

    Hey you share useful information. Thanks to share

  • Andy Morley
    March 19, 2014

    Quite often the stand with is the biggest, brightest and loudest will attract the most attention. Some great examples by Virgin Media here.

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