Meet the New jQuery 1.8 Version with Great Improvements and Advanced Features

August has brought to us really great news and one of the most long-expected release! Now everyone can check out the new version of jQuery 1.8 that was announced just last week. The essential feature of this new release is that the Sizzle selector engine has been thoroughly rebuilt and now it will work faster than ever. Working with jQuery 1.8, you’ll find such great changes as automatic CSS prefixing, re-imagined animations, smaller code size, new grunt-based build system, more flexibility with html and props.

You can learn more about all changes and improvements of the new jQuery 1.8 by simply following this link which is directed to the official jQuery blog website. There you’ll find detailed explanation of each new introduced feature that will help you better understand the main modifications of the code base and start testing this new release. So pick up the code from jQuery’s CDN and implement the great new version of jQuery 1.8 in your work! Write less, do more!

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