It’s Been a While: An Update

It’s been a while since my last post so I figured it was time for a general update. A few big things have happened over the past couple of weeks. I accepted a new day job working on an exciting new web startup, so I’ve been trying to prepare for a departure from my current […]

Design “Float It” Button on Your Website

I’m sure you have all been waiting on the edge of your chairs for the ability to integrate Design Float with your websites and blogs. Well now you can! The below options should allow you to easily integrate a “Float It” button to your website pages and blog posts both manually and dynamically. The first […]

300 in 30 Days

Design Float has passed the 300 member mark and in only 30 days. This is far faster than I expected. I hope that everyone is continuing to find the site helpful and useful. Our repeat visitors is still increasing by about 25% a day which is a great sign. I also listen to the feedback […]

The Design Float Dashboard Widget (v1)

I spent some time this weekend learning about Dashboard Widgets and was able to successfully create version 1.0 of the Design Float Dashboard Widget. When installed, the widget allows you to choose from any of the Design Float categories and display the latest 10 published entries along with a brief description and the number of […]

So I added some Adsense Ads…

Well I was trying to avoid adding Google Adsense to the site, but I’m not confident in the server setup that is currently powering Design Float. My email has been intermittent over the past couple of days and with the boost in traffic the site has received from the Smashing Magazine article, response and load […]

Design Float Featured in Smashing Magazine

As I was obsessively checking my stats with Snoop, I realized an influx of visitors from Smashing Magazine. Turns out they have included Design Float in their “Best of July 2007” post. It’s nice to be recognized by a blog as popular and respectable as Smashing Magazine so thanks to the editors for including Design […]

Introducing the Design Float Gallery

Since launching Design Float, I have received several requests for a Design Float gallery. Users have suggested that Design Float is already a great place to get all their design related news and that they wish there was a way to promote their projects as well. At first I wasn’t too keen on the idea […]

Holy Downtime!

Well, as many of you may have noticed, DF has been down most of the weekend. I woke up Saturday morning to find a nice Internal Server Error page on Design Float and promptly proceeded to freak out. After restoring the previous nights backup, everything was back to normal. But that didn’t last long. When […]

Do visitors like Design Float?

Design Float has been live for exactly 20 days today. As I mentioned in my last post, the response has been tremendous. I’ve received tons of emails from visitors, the majority of them praising Design Float, and some of them giving me feedback that has lead to several small improvements around the site. Please keep […]

General Design Float Update

Well, Design Float has been up for 18 days so I figured I’d share a little update about how things are going. So far, we are off to a great start. The community really seems to be embracing the project and I have received plenty of positive feedback. I’m delighted that other designers are finding […]