Mad World of Mi-Zo

Bright decorations, dynamic and tough graphics, unexpected lightning, the great feeling of color and peculiar humor- all this is expressed in just 4 letters- “Mi-Zo”. In the amazing images created by Tokyo-based duo Mi-ZoВ  protography combines with graphics and collage technic. Japanese lady Minori MurakamiВ  has a diploma of Los Angeles Otis College of Art and Design while the Germain photographer Zoren Gold has studied the art himself.

They met occasionally in Los Angeles in 2000 and 2 years after that they moved to Tokyo where they create their works of art till now. Their special style became recognized after design of a music disk for the popular Japanese singer Ua. The first book of the Mi-Zo (“Object that Dreams”) was published in 2006 on Japanese and German. Among the clients of Mi-Zo we can noteВ  Canon, Dreamworks, Elle, EMI, Honda, Neo2, Nylon, Qvest,В  Sony Music, Style & The Family Tunes, Warner Bros.

You can find the fill collection of Mi-Zo works on their website at

02 Apr 2010

Weekly Roundup #4 – Only Cool Stuff!

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30 Sep 2008

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