Skeuomorphism Infographic That Would Remind about Real Life

People are programmed in their instincts to fear everything unknown or at least treat it with suspicion. As an example we can take darkness phobia of some persons – its roots stretch from pre-historical times, when our ancestors could expect a saber-toothed smilodon jumping out of the night at any moment. So there is no need to be a psychologist to agree with an obvious fact that a human prefers familiar things. Therefore, creating something we should take into consideration this simple truth to cause sympathy (or even for more delicate effects on consumers’ minds).

A method following the concept in design has its own name – skeuomorphism. The term comes from Greek: skeuos (σκεῦος) means container or tool, and morphê (μορφή) means shape. Skeuomorphism is a technique when composition uses something unnecessary for functionality as it is in the original product. Talking strictly about web design, skeuomorphism appears to be a method when usual things from real life are transferred as simulacra into virtual user interfaces. This is a very widespread trend recently: skeuomorphism became extremely popular especially after smartphone boom – new simplified forms of user-device interaction caused development of new simplified user experience. Nevertheless, the method emerged long before this: once graphical user interface took stable shape with certain global standards in metaphors, IT companies begin to implement skeuomorphism projects.

A lot can be told about the subject and I have one thing intended to help you to know more. A remarkable infographic about skeuomorphism in web design was presented recently by TemplateMonster. It reveals many aspects less or more related to the subject: beginning from the history of skeuomorphism development and up to pros and cons of using this technique in web design. Moreover, the infographic is designed in attractive retro style with the skeuomorphism shown in it on practice. The central element is a vintage CRT television: information is broadcasted through it after clicking on interactive skeuomorphism elements.

Below I represent static JPG version. A click on the picture or on the link in the previous paragraph would lead you to the full interactive skeuomorphism infographic.


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