From Russia with Love – Soviet Ad Posters

Today we have a few unusual posts because you can’t see these posters in real-life – they are all history now. The Soviet Union was and will be a mystery for the rest of the world and even now, after the “iron curtain” has fallen, we still have a chance to find out more new and interesting facts about this historical phenomenon.

The collection of vintage soviet ad posters that we’ve featured on our blog contains artworks of soviet illustrators that nowadays can be easily called real masterpieces. We’ve tried to deliver you the simple translations of the posters’ meanings, but if we were wrong – please feel free to inform us about that.

Ice-cream Ad Poster

Beer Ad Poster

Beer Soviet Ad Poster

Matches Ad Poster

Matches Soviet Ad Poster

Cigarettes Ad Poster

Cigarrets Soviet Ad Poster

Lottery Ad Poster

Lottery Soviet Ad Poster

Toothpaste Ad Poster

Toothpaste Soviet Ad Poster

Sausages Ad Poster

Sausages Soviet Ad Poster

Mayonnaise Ad Poster

Mayonaise Soviet Ad Poster

Razor Ad Poster

Razor Soviet Ad Poster

Cookies Ad Poster

Cookies Soviet Ad Poster

Perfume Ad Poster

Perfume Soviet Ad Poster

Vacuum Cleaner Ad Poster

Vacuum cleaner Soviet Ad Poster
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