10 YouTube Cover Designs

YouTube has been growing recent years and definitely continue growing. Television is loosing ground, the web gains wider audience, therefore more and more shows move to YouTube. It’s naturally that Google, an owner company, wants to commercialize the website.

The other popularity is that YouTube is available for everyone unlike the TV. And you know, there are a lot of authors of original video content – smartphone era gave a chance to be an operator for everyone. Promotion potential is surely great: any company with a competent marketing team has a channel on YouTube. And if we’re talking about promotion, not only videos should be high quality, but also the way they presented must be remarkable. That means cool design for channels. So, welcome – the 10 best YouTube cover designs.

Music Reaction Youtube Cover

Music Reaction Youtube Cover.

YouTube Cover Template for Floral Designer

YouTube Cover Template for Floral Designer.

YouTube Cover Social media Template

YouTube Cover Social media Template.

Creative Ramadan Youtube Cover

Creative Ramadan Youtube Cover.

Tutorial Of Guitar Youtube Cover

Tutorial Of Guitar Youtube Cover.

Fashion Outfit Youtube Cover

Fashion Outfit Youtube Cover.

Gamer Girl Youtube Cover Template

Gamer Girl Youtube Cover Template.

YouTube Cover Banner Social Media

YouTube Cover Banner Social Media.

DIY Craft Youtube Cover Template

DIY Craft Youtube Cover Template.

Youtube Cover Template – 3D Gradient Looks

Youtube Cover Template - 3D Gradient Looks.

Do you have your own favorite designs of YouTube channels? Please share in the comments below.

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