WordPress Responsive Plugins to Improve Your Website

The galloping invasion of mobile technologies rapidly spreads all over the planet dictating new standards. Responsive web design has become one of the hottest trends of 2012, and it is obvious that all major companies are trying to keep up with it. WordPress users have wide choice of various tools that would help them in making their website more sensitive to the screen resolution. Here is a list of the most popular WordPress responsive plugins that you can use to improve your web project.

This list contains various plugins that you can use to accomplish different tasks. For example RSS responsive caption will resize images for your RSS feeds, FITVids is the best plugin to make your video content reachable on mobile devices, Fluid Images will re-size all images on your websites to make them mobile-friendly. Feel free to check out all these great tools and use them to catch up with the mobile revolution.

WP Orbit Slider

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FitVids for WordPress

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WP Fluid Images

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Responsive TwentyTen

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WP Resolutions

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RSS Responsive Caption

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