Hit List: Top 24 jQuery Plugins for Typography

Since the moment the first jQuery plugin appeared, programmers all over the world tried to impress one another creating various plugins. Nowadays there exist thousands of plugins created to add functionality and uniqueness to websites. We decided to make a selection of the most impressive jQuery plugins produced since the early 2012, but it is impossible to include all those into one post, that is why we will make a series of posts covering the main categories of jQuery plugins. The first one is dedicated to jQuery typography plugins.

There is a variety of jQuery typography plugins that you need to consider while tuning the typographic elements on your web page. The plugins can be used for various purposes starting from simple font scaling or replacing and up to glow, flickering or ghost typing effects. All of these plugins are pretty simple to use, you are just within a few mouse clicks from a feature that will make your resource unforgettable. Go look through the list and find the plugin that will suit your needs best.

1. Lettering.js

2. ghostType

3. jFontSize

4. Shuffle Letters

5. jQuery Glow

6. jqISOtext

7. NewsTicker

8. Stylesheet Switcher

9. Runloop Plugin

10. Parallax (Scrolling)

11. slabText

12. Textualizer

13. Hovercard

14. jRumble

15. Haiku’s Script

16. Arctext.js

17. Kerning.js

18. Grab bag

19. jQuery Label Effects

21. Airport Text Effect Plugin

22. Text-shadow in IE

23. 3D Flying Text

24. Text Resizer

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  1. Shamim cpz says:

    Amazing designs, best of luck in your design career!

  2. WSDR says:

    Thanks for sharing your collection.