How to Setup and Optimize Image-based WordPress Blog

WordPress is generally considered as a blogging platform. But besides blogging, you can do a lot more things – like building a link directory, starting a classifieds site or discussion forum, creating an online store etc. – with this incredible CMS. As WordPress is a very user-friendly CMS, you can also use it as a platform for creating an image-based website/blog.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional photographer, web or graphic designer, or another kind of visual artist, WordPress gives you an excellent option for building any type of image-based site, whether it’s a professional portfolio or simple image gallery or an infographic site. There are a wealth of ready-made themes and plug-ins available around the web, using which you can get an effective WordPress image site up and running in a very short span of time.

While writing this article, we assume that you’ve complete knowledge about WordPress installation. If you’ve any confusion, we refer to WordPress official documentation on installing and configuring WordPress. In this post, first we’ll talk about some WordPress Portfolio/Gallery Themes and Plug-ins, and later describe all essential things to help you optimize your images for your WordPress blog/site.

So let’s move ahead.

WordPress Gallery/Portfolio Themes

First of all, you’ve to decide whether you want to use a pre-made theme or would like to design a custom theme. If you’re a web designer, you can design your own. But if you’re not, you can choose from a wide range of customizable themes that suits your needs. Some of them are free, while others are paid and less expensive rather than hiring a professional designer. Therefore let’s have a look at some free high-quality responsive WordPress Portfolio/Gallery themes.

Workality Lite:

How to Setup and Optimize Image-based WordPress Blog
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How to Save Your Health While Sitting for 10 Hours a Day

I bet everyone who reads DesignFloat blog spends at least 10 hours a day just sitting. When I say sitting I don’t mean this:

Usually it looks like this…

…especially if you’re a freelancer and you’re working at home.

You will say how does this blog post relate to a web design?! Actually there is a direct connection between these two things. Every person who has a sedentary work endanger their health, workers of an “Internet sphere” are not an exception.

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How to Promote Creativity in the Workplace

How to Promote Creativity in the Workplace
Creativity is not just for painters and writers anymore. Today’s world is so fast-paced and demanding that every company, from software developers to concrete manufacturers, needs to encourage creative thinking to meet the demands of the marketplace quickly and flexibly.

It’s well enough saying your company needs to be creative, but how do you go about encouraging creativity? Well, it requires some day-to-day changes, a new approach to meetings and a company culture that encourages creativity. If you need a little more guidance than that, then read on. These are ten things you can do to promote creativity in the workplace – right now, in meetings and for the long term.

Promote creativity right now

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2,000 Free Icons of 5 Different Categories in One Pack – Refill Your Design Kit in One Click

We bring today this awesome pack of 2,000 icons designed exclusively by Freepik for Design Float.

This is a 5 in 1, a complete set with icons about 5 categories: sports, mobile, SEO, essential icons and cool icons. Also, you are free to use for personal or commercial purposes, to share or to modify them.

Download the pack on Design Float and start enjoying! (Click the image below to upload zip Archive to your computer).

And if you still don’t know Freepik, we invite you to visit our website, as free graphic resources finder, with thousands of users around the world and thousands of quality resources.

* * *

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Why You Should Give Your Business the Creative Advantage

There is a saying that you should never judge a book by its cover. However, most people do so anyways, albeit unconsciously. It’s the same with a website where the landing page is basically the equivalent of a book’s cover. This is why design matters, and a site inundated with plain text just won’t cut it. The design needs to be simple yet compelling to the eyes.

Why Web Design Matters More Than Ever in 2014

Too many businesses put content over design simply because images don’t contribute to improved search engine rankings. However, most experts agree that visually stunning images nested within high quality content can really add to the reader’s overall impression of the message the content is conveying. Hence, businesses should look at web design as a complement to written content rather than giving precedence to the latter and treating the former as a mere afterthought of secondary importance.

why web design matters
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5 Reasons Why Dedicated Web Hosting Services are Needed For Any Company

To have an entire server for the company’s needs online, it is important to invest with the best hosting service providers around. If it is shared hosting, there would be many ventures sharing the same server, unlike what dedicated hosting would provide. There is a lot of technical knowhow which one should know off, especially while learning how it all works. Hence, let’s take a look at how such concepts can be of great benefits to your business online.

Reasons Why Dedicated Hosting Services are Necessary For Any Company

  • 1. Plenty of Flexibility
    With the help of dedicated hosting, there would be a lot of flexibility. Every website should have a dedicated server, which eliminates the pangs of other sites impacting it’s presence and speed. Too many companies sharing the same server would bring down the level of impact you want for your site. When you have total control, the choices for the same would be wide to choose from. You get to choose the operating system you want to use and the hardware too.
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Genius Web Design Features From 10 Leading eCommerce Businesses

Today Designers involved in building e-commerce websites face numerous challenges in attempting to build a great user experience. A successful eCommerce store is the one that not only looks beautiful, but also can create higher conversion rates and generate more sales than expected. If a user doesn’t like your site, he can move to another site to purchase products from, no matter how much low your prices are.

If you want to gain more potential customers, it is essential to provide your visitors a beautiful and interactive user interface. To aid you in the process of designing a great eCommerce store, we’ve analyzed best web design features of world’s 10 leading eCommerce Businesses. You can include all these features in your next project to provide your users a better design and great shopping experience – whether they’re first-time users or returning customers.

Let’s go through them one by one.


Since 1995, Amazon is the world’s leader in the field of e-commerce. The Amazon shopping experience begins on the home page, where it offers an extensive and intuitive navigation menu in the upper left, the search bar in the middle, and the account/shopping cart/wish list controls in the upper right. With these distinct elements, the users are able to quickly navigate between different categories.

ecommerce web design tips
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5 Tips to Google+ Local Optimization

Google+ is becoming more and more popular throughout businesses because of how well they can be optimized and attract traffic. This goes for local businesses as well, not just online only companies. By optimizing your G+ profile, you can get more target traffic from local people to increase your visibility and chances at gaining more customers. So to help you, we are going to cover 5 essential tips to make sure you include in your profile.

Google Plus Local Optimization Tips

Optimize the Title

Optimizing your title is going to be the first and one of the most important aspects of optimizing your profile. This is what search engines will see and weigh the most to index you properly, so if you have your local information in it, they will understand that you will be a better match for people who are searching in your local area. After all, you don’t really want to attract people across country, so make sure that your title expresses what area you are in.
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Tax Time And Your Web Design Business

Tax season is dreaded by virtually everyone, but it’s especially bad for freelancers. While it’s not much help knowing that freelancers are all in this together, it’s somewhat comforting to realize that there are thousands of others in the freelance web design business going through the same thing.

To avoid a headache around tax time, take a look at these tips to help make the process a lot more manageable.

Tax Time And Your Web Design Business
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6 Things That Every Businesses Should Do After Installing WordPress

Who don’t know about WordPress? Almost every new and then businessman knows about WordPress, which is one of the most advanced content management systems for developing fully-functional websites. Today, you would find millions of businessmen, who are very much interested in WordPress because of its plenty of features and incredible performance.

When it comes to install, one can find lots of tutorials on the web that can help him/her to get started with it. But have you read any article or blog that provides information on what to after installing WordPress? I think very few blogs and articles provide information on what to do after it has been installed.

To make your task easy after installing, here I have listed 6 things that every businesses should do. Considering these 6 things will help you to make your blog and website look more professional, secure and advanced, so let’s have a look.

6 Things That Every Businesses Should Do After Installing WordPress
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