Mystery of the Nature Revealed: X-ray Art

As you could know X-ray is electro-magnetic radiation. Yes, radiation is dangerous, however in small dozes it can be cool and its reflection can give us useful illustrations of something hard hidden under something soft. For example, human bones hidden under human flesh. Therefore X-ray is so appropriate for medical purposes, when doctors can check condition of some bone or organ. Due to this X-ray photos became so common to people that they even began apply it in their creations.

X-ray visual art forms a certain part in our culture. It represents an interesting and original style, opening a world of majestic associations: X-ray is like a metaphor for the hidden mystery of nature, which sometimes is demonstrated. Below I gathered the most attractive examples of X-ray art.

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X-ray art

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X-ray art
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Fonts Which Your Logo is Waiting for

Logo is a complex composition – it consists of different shreds, which are tailored into the indissoluble entity. If every element is important and without some of the entity of the composition is ruined, this means a good logo.

One of the most important things for logo is choosing appropriate fonts. Sometimes you need to look over dozens or even hundreds of them to choose the proper one. The task seems to be difficult. Nevertheless the experience of big companies’ brand designs gives us a clear idea that usually logo fonts circle around few certain styles. They can be conditionally divided into:
- Handwritten fonts (Coca-Cola, Disney, Ford)
- San-serif (Facebook, Apple, eBay)
- Serif (Google, Volvo, Sony)

Sure, once we have this top list, we can better orientate in choosing the proper fonts for the logo. I’ve looked through different typography series and in result of this small research a have a digest of fonts for logos.

* * *

Fonts for Logo
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5 Tips to Google+ Local Optimization

Tips to Google+ Local Optimization

Google+ is becoming more and more popular throughout businesses because of how well they can be optimized and attract traffic. This goes for local businesses as well, not just online only companies. By optimizing your G+ profile, you can get more target traffic from local people to increase your visibility and chances at gaining more customers. So to help you, we are going to cover 5 essential tips to make sure you include in your profile.
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Scouting All the Right Options for Your Java Development Project

In this current age, only the websites and web apps with high-power features manage to make heads turn. As there is such a high level of competition and so many companies vying for the top spot in application development, you need solutions which are unique and uninhibitedly creative. Java is one such platform that empowers you to give shape to solutions which stand as yardsticks for performance and power.

Java Development Project

Java boasts of various capabilities and a robust code structure that serves as the perfect foil to the ensemble of libraries and extensions it offers. But in order to create an undiluted value and make most of Java benefits, you need a of developers who have the shrewdness and the expertise in the language to help them follow the right tone and think out of the box as well.
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Put a Simple Movement on Your Website: 10 SVG Animation Tutorials

SVG is widely known as an uncomfortable image format that you can meet on Wikipedia. It’s hard to cooperate with such images for graphic noobs that got used to JPEG and PNG. However, this format is not used just because, there is a certain reason.

SVG is an abbreviation for Scalable Vector Graphics. Yes, it’s vector, so the images do not lose their quality. The other important feature is the format is two-dimensional. Therefore symbols and maps on abovementioned Wikipedia are usually in SVG: clear quality and simplicity are combined. But the most precious thing about this format is its great possibility for being animated. Again, SVG animations are quite primitive due to the 2D base of the format, nevertheless it’s not a problem considering modern minimalist trend. Besides, SVG animations do not weight a lot and due to this lightness they can be very useful for the designing of the websites with certain needs – those, which need animations, but also need fastness.

Maybe, you own one of such websites. In this case my digest of SVG animation tutorials will come in handy for you. Enjoy.

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A Look Into: Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Animation

It’s a detailed step-by-step tutorial that will help you to find out the mechanism of SVG animation from its very base.

SVG Animation Tutorials

* * *

SVG Animation

This tutorial will get you in the know of SVG animation making. The level is basic, the amount of useful information is large.

SVG Animation Tutorials
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30+ Star Logos That Will Remind About True Reality

People have been inspired by nature throughout the whole history. Sometimes, once you see the true reality out of the boring borders of human robotized civilization, you understand that this is a thing called life. And you want to share. Once you are a poet, you write a beautiful poem, once you are a chef, you cook a creative dish, once you are a teacher, you transfer your inspiration and enthusiasm to your students. Web designer are not an exception – once you design, you put the natural imprint of true reality into your projects.

One of the most impressing things in the world is placed under our shortened civilization reality. Just raise your head and you will see. Yes, stars! There billions of them in the universe and a large part of them can be seen in the night sky. And like ancient sailors used celestial bodies for navigation on the sea, now some web designers use stars to create an extraordinary style for business logos on the internet. Don’t you believe me? Okay, then believe these best star logos I’ve listed for you below.

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Starr Gardens

Star logos

* * *


Star logos
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HTML5 is Hot! When are you Going to Switch?

There’s whole lot of buzz about HTML5 these days and every day we hear and read about innovative HTML5 websites. However, if you were abducted by aliens and have just returned to earth, here is a quick rundown on some of HTML5’s important attributes and why web developers are so excited about it.

What is HTML5?


HTML5 is the new version of HTML and is essentially an upgrade to meet the growing needs of modern day web. It eliminates the need of various plug-ins and independently provides support for incorporating multimedia in web pages. HTML5 encompasses both HTML and XHTML and hence it is possible to use either syntax. It is also built keeping in mind complex web applications and the need to be compatible with modern day devices like tablets and mobile phones.

But What’s New About HTML5?

HTML5 is an important update to HTML and was very much needed. It does away with quite a few things included in the previous versions, but more importantly brings many new important attributes which are relevant to modern websites.

Some important attributes introduced in HTML5 include -

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Light Your Fire and Perceive Its Dual Nature in Fire Website Designs

They say that it is possible to watch the flowing water and burning fire forever. From ancient times people believed in magic power of four main elements. But water and fire were allotted a special ability to take away the negative energy and clarify human mind and soul. Fire has always been an important part of all cultures and religions from pre-historical times to the present days. Moreover, it was vital for civilization development. Fire was commonly associated with energy, assertiveness and passion. To these days we are grateful to Prometheus (whether he really existed or not) who stole the fire from gods and presented it to people. In the aftermath he was severely punished for this act of charity and sympathy for helpless human beings.

Heraclitus (an ancient Greek philosopher who lived in c. 535 BCE – c. 475 BCE) considered fire to be the most fundamental of all elements. He assumed that fire gave rise to the other three elements. Heraclitus’ theory is very interesting. He believed that the soul is a mixture of fire and water, with fire being the more noble part and water the humble aspect. He thought that the highest goal of the soul is to get rid of water and become pure fire. One more curious fact: the philosopher died of hydropsy (a swelling due to abnormal accumulation of fluid beneath the skin).

Going on with weird facts about fire:

Did you know that fire is not actually what we call it? Dear readers, we are not going to confuse you. Actually, we are just trying to say that fire is an excess of heat and a sort of ebullition; so, in reality, it’s what we call air because it contains both vapor and a dry exhalation from the earth.

What else was associated with fire? Yellow bile was the humor identified with fire, since both were hot and dry. Other things associated with fire and yellow bile in ancient and medieval medicine included the season of summer, since it increased the qualities of heat and aridity; the choleric temperament (of a person dominated by the yellow bile humor); the masculine; and the eastern point of the compass.

In alchemy, sulfur (the chemical element) was often associated with fire; its alchemical symbol was an upward-pointing triangle.

In Indian tradition the fire had three forms: fire, lightning and the sun. Agni is one of the most important of the Vedic gods. He is the god of fire who accepted all sacrifices. Agni is also a messenger from and to the other gods. He is ever-young and immortal.

Astrological fire background:

People born under the astrological signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are thought to have dominant fire personalities. Fire personalities as a rule have good leading qualities and tend to be enthusiastic, extroverted, rebellious, passionate, brave and valiant. However, they can be hot-tempered, snappy, uncontrollable and angry.

Each of the elements has several associated spiritual beings. The archangel of fire is Michael, the angel is Aral, the ruler is Seraph, the king is Djin, the fire elementals are called salamanders. Fire is considered to be active; it is represented by the symbol for Leo and it is referred to the lower right point of the pentacle in the Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentacle.

In Tarot fire symbolizes conversion or passion. This happened due to the usage of fire in the practice of alchemy where the application of fire is a prime method of conversion and everything that touches fire is changed, often beyond recognition. The symbol of fire was a cue pointing towards transformation, the chemical variant – the symbol delta, which is also the classical symbol for fire. Conversion symbolized can be either good or destructive. As you see, fire has very mixed symbolism because it represents energy, which can be helpful when under control, but volatile if not restricted.

In freemasonry fire is a symbol of renaissance and energy. Nevertheless, freemasonry respects the ancient symbolic meaning of fire and its double nature: creation, light, on the one hand, and destruction and purification, on the other.

Coming back to the present

What do you think fire symbolizes in web design? Let’s check this together with the help of our hot website designs collection. Below you will see the websites with fire present in their designs. It may take central place there or decorate a logo or some other element. Viewing our fire website designs you will go through different feelings and emotions from thrill to tranquility. We hope you will understand the above mentioned dual nature of fire which will help you in your future design projects. We believe that there is fire and energy in every person. Are you ready to let it out? OK, that means that it’s high time to set this day on fire!

* * *

Bonfire Night

Here you see the uncommon guide to safer event. This illustrated website in retro, grunge style has animated bonfire in the middle with people gathered around it.

fire web design

* * *

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Using IFTTT to Automate Your WordPress Site

IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”. Their tagline is “Put the internet to work for you.” and it can certainly do that. IFTTT is a service that integrates with a whole load of different web services and monitors the web for a certain “trigger”, which could be a photo of you being tagged on Facebook, receiving an email in Gmail from a certain address, a specific hashtag being used on Twitter or hundreds of other options.

When one of these triggers occurs IFTTT can perform an action and pass the data from the trigger on to another web service. The combination of triggers and actions is called a recipe. You can create your own recipes or use one that’s already been created by the community. IFTTT has a great concise overview of what the service does and all the terminology

WordPress and IFTTT

One of the channels offered in IFTTT is WordPress so it can integrate with your self-hosted WordPress site or one hosted on


There are two available triggers for a WordPress Site:

Any new post – “This Trigger fires every time you publish a new post on your public WordPress blog.”
A new post with a tag or category – “This Trigger fires every time you publish a new post on your public WordPress blog with a specific tag or category.”

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Mobile App Designing for the New Age Android

Android has come a long way since its inception. From its early days with the intention to develop an advanced operating system for digital cameras to now being a leading smartphone operating system with 1 million new devices activated, Android has evolved and grown in an unexpected manner. Fast-forward today. Despite this phenomenal growth, Android is not the first choice of developers. It is still the iOS-first way and the majority of Android apps are not the best when it comes to quality. Why? Many suggest it is the erratic and chaotic growth of Android that caught many designers and developers unaware. Failure to match up with changes resulted in many Android apps falling flat on the ground and biting dust.

Be it fragmentation, inconsistency, or conflicting hardware experience, Android has overcome many problems. There is no denying that some problems continue to haunt users, but many problems have been solved to a great extent. But are designers ready to handle new and much improved Android?

* * *

Here are few tips for designing Android apps for today’s savvy users:

#1 Go by the rule book:

It is important that you go by the book and follow the guidelines. Keep in mind the navigation patterns and don’t deviate from using elements that are native to the platform. This approach will help you achieve consistency across devices. New design guidelines are created with a purpose in mind– to create an app fit for use on any device. Always stick to familiar UI patterns. Ultimately, this will help you make an app which is easier to develop and support at all times and improve chances of being featured in Google Play.

Mobile App Designing for New Age Android
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