Free WordPress Themes for Personal or Professional Purpose

A WordPress based Website deserve the best Theme for showing your content to visitors. Perfect Theme selection is a fact for stand out a business. Free WordPress Themes helps to start up your business. Try to select the best for a Website and just use it.

Here, I am going to share some professional and modern Free WordPress Themes with you. These Themes are designed and developed with latest Web Design and Development Trends. All themes are responsive and can easily adapt to any type of mobile, tab, PC, laptop device.

Which Theme should I use?

Copy of 2-CherryFramework

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Micro-interactions: The Interactive Web Design for Screens Big or Small

Micro-interactions are the very foundation of a web design that you create. You may not have realized it yet, but web services have become more engaging thanks to the contribution of these microelements that trigger an interaction. So every time you click on the Facebook Like button or tap on an option in your mobile app, you are Micro-interacting.

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12 Key Elements for a Perfect Landing Page That Converts

You’re getting a lot of visitors to reach your landing page, but you’re just not making enough sales. What could be the reason for this? It’s highly likely that the page design isn’t compelling enough to convert people into paying customers. It’s a difficult task to come up with a landing page that converts, so many businesses falter here.

How exactly do you create a landing page that converts? The key is to understand the important elements of landing pages and implement them to your own website. In this article, I’ll review the 12 essential elements you should add to your landing page to achieve more conversions.

1. Powerful headline

The headline is the first thing visitors will notice about your landing page. Therefore, you need to make it as compelling and persuasive as possible. The goal is to spark interest and grab your visitors’ attention while informing them about your company’s product or service.For a landing page that converts, it’s important that the headline matches what the visitor has clicked on to see that page. Headlines should confirm that visitors are in the right place. Try to go for short headlines with fewer than 20 words to immediately get readers interested.

There are various ways to write a powerful headline, but the key is to be clear and direct. Talk about something your customers would want, such as better conversions or more subscribers. You can also ask questions or create urgency to convince people. The following Quicksprout headline is short and straight to the point. It tells visitors what exactly what they can get from them, which is better content.

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24 Top WordPress WooCommerce Themes

Although WordPress is a blog-first CMS, it can be effectively used as a foundation for forum boards, social networks and online stores. Speaking of the latter, WooCommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms due to its simplicity and compatibility with other WordPress plugins.

If you’ve chosen WooCommerce as a platform for your online store, this handpicked collection of the best WordPress ecommerce themes is just what you need. It lists 24 professional store designs with great design and rich functionality. Let’s take a short tour of their most significant features. Read More

16 Online Tools that Will Help You Save on Logo Design

Logo design is expensive; professional logo design is very expensive. If you are on a tight budget, or you just need a temporary logo for your company or blog, it is reasonable to try yourself in the role of a logo designer instead of spending hundreds of dollars on your brand identity. But creating even a simple logo from scratch is a difficult task, especially if you are not proficient in Photoshop or Illustrator. Here is when free online logo creating tools come to the aid.

Such online services are very popular, as they don’t require drawing or coding skills, and allow you to choose from plenty of shapes, fonts and colors.

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98 WordPress Plugins Used by Top Blogs

When you install WordPress for the first time, the main questions you ask yourself are ‘What plugins to choose?’ and ‘Should I install each and every featured plugin from’. The answer to the second question is ‘No’: too many installed plugins can (and will) slow down your website, so choose them wisely.

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480+ Free Tools for Web Designers and Developers

If you feel like your creative soul needs more free stuff, then we’ve got great news for you: there is a place where all possible free resources for designers, coders, marketing specialists and writers are collected, sorted and structured for your convenience. This post showcases 480+ free website design tools that will save you thousands of dollars, and tons of time.

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65 Web Design Trends to Follow in 2016

In order to feel confident in the web design world of today, you must embrace all the current techniques, and stick to them whenever possible.

Today we are pleased to introduce you to our comprehensive guide to the most significant web design trends of 2016. The article is divided into 8 large parts:


In this part of the post the key web design trends related to page layouts are presented. You will learn:

-          How flat design will be used in 2016;

-          How to implement vintage elements properly;

-          What typography techniques will be popular;

-          What Pinterest-inspired trend is expected to blossom in the next several years;

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Meet F2 – A Free Magento Theme with Premium Features

If you own a Magento-based store, you know that this ecommerce platform is one of the best of its kind. It is difficult in development, but is extremely scalable and robust. Now, when Magento 2 is available, it’s time to consider transferring your store to the new version.

Here are some of the most significant innovations introduced in Magento 2:

Better checkout

The checkout process in Magento 2 has been improved in terms of usability introducing guest checkout, automatic credit cart type detection, and becoming more streamlined.

Improved caching

The full page caching of Magento 2 reduces the page loading time and the amount of server resources required for store’s proper operation.

New file structure

The file structure of the new Magento is simpler and more developer-oriented.

Reduced table locking

Table locking has been a common problem of large Magento stores with a lot of traffic. It occurred when many customers attempted to place their orders simultaneously, using the same database table. In Magento 2 it’s no longer an issue.

Easier customization

Magento 2 includes Visual Design Editor. It will allow you to modify the layout of your theme in a user-friendly WYSIWYG way. Read More

200+ Free Vintage Resources for Graphic Designers

In our world of glass and concrete it is necessary to bring something natural into our lives from time to time, and vintage design trend is one of the best ways of doing it.

Today we are glad to share with you our ultimate handpicked collection of 200+ vintage freebies for designers, photographers, bloggers and just DIY’ers.

200-Vintage-Freebies-900x538This gallery is divided into 9 categories, covering the whole assortment of free vintage and retro resources. Whether you want to design a unique t-shirt, a brand identity for your website, or just a featured image for your blog, these freebies will surely come in handy.

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