WordPress 3.6 – Six Useful Hacks that You Still Need

The wait is finally over and WordPress 3.6 has rolled out with all the latest features that boost the content management’s images as one most preferred by users. The new release which was being eagerly awaited by developers and users and WordPress has once again proved why it still remains the most user-friendly and scalable content management system in the world. Although it makes the life of the developers easier, there are still a few tweaks that can help you draw more mileage out of this CMS solution. So below we have listed some of the useful hacks that make your life easier as a user.

WordPress 3.6 - Useful Hacks

1. Multi Column Content

As a developer you are aware of the fact that splitting the content into two or more columns makes your website look attractive. This helps you showcase your creativity to the visitors of your page and at the same time makes the content easy to read. Comparison tables, lists, before and after images you can do a lot by splitting the content. WordPress 3.6 hasn’t quite addressed the issue and you can use the following hack in the functions.php file.

Once you have done this, you will need to tweak the single.php file. Comment on the_content by adding // before the line and using this code

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Never Have FOMO Again: 6 Awesome Social Media Apps

FOMO or “fear of missing out” is the fear that someone, somewhere may be doing something more interesting or exciting than you are. Millennials who’ve spent the majority of their lives connected to technology especially feel the effects of FOMO. Luckily, new apps are being created every day to make sure we’re always up to date and connected. Never miss a funny story, cool picture or group invite with these cool apps.


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A New Step of Effective Link Building: Citation Reviewed

Is your company lacking visibility and a better ranking for local search? Have you tried to find out the reason behind this? Well, gone are the days when it was quite easy to rank for the desired keyword by building unlimited links using the keyword as the anchor text?  However, there is a great news for you! The Google Penguin update has completely changed the link building process. But why?

Citation Link Building

No matter how important or from where you have obtained the links, you have more control on the anchor text if you have direct control over the link. But in this aspect, Google is not interested in any links that you have built for yourself. It is only interested in certain exceptional cases when your reach is big enough to build links from popular sites that indicates your influence on the web. On the contrary, a link with highly optimised anchor text looks too unnatural as you have direct control over the formation of that link. An optimised anchor text also indicates that you probably have built most of them by yourself.

Google only wants to see sites link to you when it likes the content, feel it is relevant and wants to share it with the audiences. It places less emphasis on anchor text and always looks for statistical correlation that it can use to determine its relevance on the web. Here lies the importance of citation. It is associated with both signpost and acknowledgment. As a signpost, it signals the location of your source and as an acknowledgment it shows that you are indebted to that source.  Your next probable question is why citation is important? Let me help you to understand its importance with two basic reasons-
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Make Casting Director Go: “Awww” – Simple Showreel Tips

Today we will talk about showreels or show demos, you can call them whatever you like.

Let’s start with definition:

A showreel is a short piece of video or film footage showcasing your best previous works. It usually lasts from four to six minutes. It’s very similar to CV for certain kinds of professions, where it’s impossible to print out all your major skills on paper. For instance, a showreel works well for actors, animators, motion graphic designers, movie makers, etc.

Those videos really cost a thousand words as they can help you demonstrate all your talents in action and finally get the job your dream of.

Unfortunately, the matter is not as simple as it seems because casting directors get tons of showreels every day and there is no guarantee that yours will be the best one. Though, we will roll over for our readers and supply them with all essential information on the matter.

So, what to begin with?

First of all you should decide either you are going to create your showreel yourself or turn to professionals.

If you want to know our opinion, the second option is more preferable. Even if you have enough experience in filming, editing and other stuff like this, it is doubtful that you have all quality professional equipment for the whole process. We speak about expensive cameras, microphones, lighting, and software. Unfortunately, without these high end appliances your showreel is more likely to look amateur, which is not too good for your career.

The majority of applicants are willing to pay a trustworthy showreel or editing company to produce a video that will make them look horny as hell, showcasing only the most heroic moments of their work and make casting director ecstatic over the short yet comprehensive performance on the screen.

Most probably you will get your ready-made showreel on DVD and in electronic version for online posting.

No, no, it’s too early to breathe freely as we compiled a heap of tips that will help you distinguish a worthwhile showreel from the mediocre one.

Please, read them all before ordering a video that will change your life.

Simple showreel tips that work

  • 1. Say: “No” to what’s not really crucial.
  • It’s normal if you are emotionally attached to all your works and consider all of them genius, however, you can’t squeeze them into two minute video, so, get ready to ‘bite the bullet’, stand into viewers’ shoes and cut off everything that is not absolutely monster.
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Who Else Wants Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Theme?

What’s new for today? It’s the freebie – the fresh template you have to get this week. Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Theme is a ready-made template created with your needs in mind. Whether you are going to set up a site for a wine company or any other, try this theme out and get the desired result – well-done web presence.

Any Reasons to Get New Freebie?

• Visually Intensive Layout. What color is associated with wine? Deep red and all its variations. Besides, such intensive color scheme attracts attention of the visitors.

• Effective Animation. Instead of dull visuals this design offers captivating browsing of the content that is spiced up with JS animation.

• jQuery Slider. High-resolution background images and neat tabs are featured on the home page of the theme. Tabs help wisely arrange all the information about the products of the company. A bit customized Full Screen jQuery Image & Content Slider was used to get this structure of the layout.

• Custom Logo. This freebie contains one detail that can be used apart of it – its custom made logo. It was created to be used in the following design or any other you need. Just adding minor changes, you can customize it according to your needs.

If you like this theme, go and download – it’s free!

demo | download


Our Wines Page

Wine & Winery Free HTML5 Theme
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Share Snippets Easily: Code Syntax Highlight jQuery Plugins

Text can be different, but in any case it’s connected with semantic ties between words, sentences and passages. It’s not surprising that the term itself originates in a Latin work “textus”, which means tissue. The letters knit the unique unity, so we get in result the autonomous reality. Earlier people could watch it into literature, but nowadays it’s more apparent in coding. Texts began creating virtual reality of internet, being a base of all the websites.

Like the ancient poetic relics have been transmitted from mouth to mouth, today the good code can be shared on the web. There is a needful process to handle with that. It’s called syntax highlighting. For the first time such thing was processed in 1985, and it was done by IBM for VM operating system. The times have changed and now we have more modern tools to efficiently use the syntax highlighting with. One them is jQuery, a brilliant JavaScript library that have taken an honored place in HTML manipulation long ago. So, I want to offer the list of the most effective code syntax highlight jQuery plugins available on the web.

* * *

jQuery Syntax Highlight Plugin

This script provides with a narrow functionality without excessive features. If you need just to highlight HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript syntax, this plugins is totally for you.

Code Syntax Highlight jQuery Plugins

* * *


It’s probably the most popular code syntax highlight plugin built with JavaScript. SyntaxHighlighter is used by many web giants such as WodPress and Yahoo.

Code Syntax Highlight jQuery Plugins
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Free Vintage Posters – 30+ Pieces of Inspiration with a Sweet Tint of Nostalgia

Did you watch the movie “Back to the Future”? I’m sure that mature part of our auditory will answer something like that: “Surely! Several times each of the series! It used to be a cool fantastic trilogy about Marty McFly, his inventive friend Dr. Emmett Brown and their captivating time travels”. But our post is not about these guys and their adventures, which can be considered outdated by the younger generation.

We would like to invite you accompany us not into the future, but into the past, if you have nothing against it, of course. No, no, you don’t need to pack your bags, we will travel light and with all comfort of the environment you are sitting at now.

Under this text you will find a curious collection of free vintage posters thoroughly handpicked with one purpose: to feast your eyes upon. They were gathered for your fun and inspiration and we hope that both of these goals will be achieved. We would also appreciate if you let us know about that in the comment section.

Do you believe that vintage design style is ever young and always in trend? If you want to know our standpoint, we believe in circular cycle of development, which means that obsolete techniques and tendencies come back in the improved, updated forms. Sometimes, after those changes they become hardly recognizable. So, look downwards, maybe it’s worth to return to the beginning to find some fresh, not hackneyed ideas for future designs.

* * *

Free Vintage Posters

* * *

DSB Danish Rail Speed Train Poster – Vintage Train Travel Printable Poster

Free Vintage Posters

* * *

Chile by SAS, Scandinavian Airlines System – Vintage Travel Poster

Free Vintage Posters

* * *

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Mobile App Interface Designs with Textures That Make Designer Souls Pulsate

A flat design is certainly good: it’s stylish, modern and visual-friendly for mobile devices. However, the flatness is just a substruction of a concept, and we need something more concrete to add it and get a result. There are not so many ways to make a mobile app look absolutely all-sufficient. One of them is adding textures to interface elements: in most cases designers put them on backgrounds, so it become more noticeable and outline the foreground elements.

The texture is a nice method to deepen the visual unity of the app. In skillful hands the app can be transformed in something more alive and accomplished. Moreover, textures are able to improve the interface with an effect of skeuomorphism. Nevertheless, if one experiences a lack of professional taste, there is a great possibility to spoil the harmony of the app composition. So, in order to help you to improve the feeling of design relevance and just to inspire you I offer a collection of the most beautiful mobile app interfaces designs with textures.

* * *

Alaska iPhone App

The background of this app follows the concept of maps. The implementation is rather elegant and clean.

Mobile App Interface Designs with Textures

* * *

Acqua Panna_Nestlé Waters

This application uses the skeuomorphic methods on its admissible maximum. Leather, paper textures are united in a notebook.

Mobile App Interface Designs with Textures
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Let’s Dream a Bit about Future Technology Progress: How iPhone 6 Will Look Like

People caught their breaths in waiting. Don’t you know why? Seems like you are cut from IT news sphere. Well, I have no aim to test your curiosity:

iPhone 6 is coming…

Genial Steve Jobs started this series of this revolutionary device. And now, even after his death, Steve’s matter is alive. And the first characteristic of life is definitely evolution. Thus the next generation of iPhone should be released soon, probably in 2014. There are many rumors about the features iPhone 6 will include. The concepts from different designers often conflict each other, so no one (even Apple I believe) can say exactly how the new iPhone will look. However, I want to review the existing assumptions to imagine how iPhone 6 may look like.

* * *

One of the most popular projects is one presented by a designer Johnny Plaid. It has a certain set of features, which create a unique and holistic design.

iPhone 6 Designs

- Edge-to-edge display. The screen goes around the edge, so it gives an opportunity to make the device bigger without the resizing of the phone itself.

iPhone 6 Designs
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How to Be Frank on the Web: Free Cookie Warning Scripts

Cookies are such crafty things that give an opportunity to leave your browsing history of the certain site. It’s useful especially for eCommerce websites: you won’t need to put the same personal information again and again. If your browser has cookies enabled (by default it usually does), you are deprived from extra efforts, which are made by the machine.

From the other hand, the harvest of information about visitor can be very helpful for website owners. Web developers can effectively use it for proper UX and UI improvements, marketers can directly explore the target audience to offer the needed products.

However, it’s obvious the information exchange should be open and transparent. There is even EU Cookie Law prescripting certain restrains and put away the possibility of abusing in cookie functioning process. Average users rarely know all details of internet processes, so conscientious websites should demonstrate how they will use their visitors’ cookies. To help you with to stay in the bounds of good reputation, I want to present some free cookie warning scripts.

* * *


It’s a very useful tool for getting a cookie warning script exactly for your type of the website (advertising, social media, analytics and other). The process is quite simple: you just need to click choosing the right point and the program will give you the proper code.

Free Cookie Warning Scripts

* * *


CookieCuttr is a nice plugin created specifically for WordPress (already tested on 3.4 version). Your website will get an elegant cookie warning. Its design will be suitable practically for all websites.

Free Cookie Warning Scripts
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