Free e-Commerce Bootstrap Themes for Quick Start of Your Business

Do you like to get anything for free? The answer is rather easy to predict. Everybody does. If you are going to start a new e-Commercial project but don’t want to invest too much time and efforts into it, today can become lucky for you.

If you are reading this post, we guess you already have an outlined idea of the future online project in your mind. A free bootstrap ecommerce template is a good choice for the merchants appreciating simplicity and functionality.

As you know, Bootstrap is a collection of CSS and HTML conventions, a front-end toolkit for speed development of web applications. The software provides you with elegant typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation and plenty of other stuff you might need, using only latest browser techniques.

Bootstrap is built with Less, but it’s pure CSS at its core. What does it give you? Many additional benefits like extended set of various features and extreme easiness of implementation. No Flash or complicated JavaScript coding, just CSS for all your web development needs.

Bootstrap is a great solution for common routine tasks web developers face every now and then. Due to its flexibility, Bootstrap can be quickly adjusted for unique web design needs.

Below, you will find a list of free e-Commercial and business bootstrap templates, having all chances to become a good starting point for your profitable online venture.

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Bootstrap Responsive eCommerce

Free eCommerce Bootstrap Themes

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Bootstrap Shop

Free eCommerce Bootstrap Themes

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25 Free Tattoo Fonts and Hand Lettering. Add the Character

Tattoo art is a huge sector of modern culture. And I can understand why: it’s an easy and effective way to decorate your body and to express your personality. All people have natural inclination for these.

However, now tattoos are not just about inking the body, it’s a certain visual style that can be used in different spheres. I gave some examples of non-traditional tattoo usage earlier, and the post is exactly about the oldschool style. And today I want to concentrate on the letters.

Signs are probably the most popular kind of tattoos: people like to ink personal slogans, philosophy and beliefs in the form of words. So, continuing the theme of tattoo usage out the inking, I’d like to state the tattoo scripts can be definitely used in web design. And I’m talking not only about the tattoo salon websites, which represent themselves, but mean the general usage. Below I listed the 25 best free tattoo fonts.

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Tattoo Ink

Free Tattoo Fonts

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Espesor Olas Half

Free Tattoo Fonts

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Web Design Trend: Why the One Page Layout is Effective

The one page layout is one of the best web design trends to have taken the Internet by storm in 2013. Obviously, single page websites have been around since the Internet became available to the public in the 90s, but the concept has evolved to create a better user experience. Today, one page layouts can be done with advanced coding to keep the users from having to scroll, scroll, and scroll down the page. The advanced coding available nowadays allows one page layouts to remain minimal and super easy to browse.

What is a one page layout?

It’s a layout where every internal link points to a section of the page you’re on. The links don’t open a new page, but rather have you jump further down the page. Sometimes, it’ll utilize java to open a new page in a frame within the page. If you want to visit an actual website with a one page layout, look no further than My Pizza Oven (and have fun clicking the links on the far left of the page!)

One Page Layout Design Trend

Sometimes you don’t even need to incorporate links into your page. You can simply have your visitors scroll down to view all the content you have on your website. Luke Stevenson is a good example of this.

One Page Layout Web Design Trend

If you hate to make your visitors scroll all over the page, you can create a super simple single page layout like Sean Gaffney has.
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If Free Themes Were Similar to Premium. Get All-in-One Free jQuery Theme

All in one… what does it mean? New freebies from creative TemplateMonster guys go with a pack of cool features that you’re welcome to check out.

Free jQuery Theme for Travel Agency makes use of its visual part (TouchTouch Gallery, HTML & JS animation and blocks with hover effects) to present your business in the most favorable light. Whether you’re starting a travel site or any other, feel free to use this theme that can be customized without extra efforts according to your needs.

The treasure chest of features:

jQuery slider with various transition effects
smooth hovering in Top Destinations block
TouchTouch scrip for Gallery page

As you see, the design is created with a focus on visual communication of business ideas. Sliders are good for showcasing the best photos from portfolio. Gallery contains a pile of interesting pictures that can be zoomed in large windows.

What else is important for a good site? Thought-out navigation that allows the visitors to surf seamlessly throughout its pages. The navigation of this theme can be proudly called a wise one. “SuperFish” drop down menu, tabbed navigation of blocks, JQuery back-to-top button guide the visitors and make them feel comfortable. Before you look through the set of pages, check out live demo of the theme. The next link will move you to download page.

See Live Demo

Download Template

Free jQuery Theme


About page

Free jQuery Theme


Gallery page

Free jQuery Theme


Tours page

Free jQuery Theme


Blog page

Free jQuery Theme


Contacts page

Free jQuery Theme


Lesson Teaching to Keep the Old Stuff: Floppy Disk Art

Oldschool is in trend. Computer technology has its own oldschool. The first thing which strikes the eye is a rapid evolution of storage media. For now we almost forgot about them, having quick internet connection and virtual space to keep the info. But remember that just a little bit earlier we couldn’t imagine our lives without CDs.

But I want to look even deeper in the past and remind about such indispensable attribute of 90’s as… I think you have already remembered… yes, exactly! – I mean floppy disks. Their regular usage ran out once the CDs entered into mass use. However, we live in wonderful postmodern age, when the old things, seemed to be unnecessary, get a new life. And sometimes this life is even much more effective, than the previous incarnation. As for the floppy disks, they became the attribute of art – so called Floppy Disk Art.

Sure, I know, that everything around is art and we just need to see it. So some guys saw it in floppy disks and then just a little bit transformed them into more suitable form for less art-sighted people. Let me present the examples.

* * *

Nick Gentry

Nick is a great artist, he was the first to use floppy disks as a material for his paintings. Most of Nick’s works are portraits, however sometime he also make great abstractions. I think there are should be no more words – you just need to see that beauty.

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Floppy Disk Art

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How to Design a Poster No One Can Look Away From: Tips and Guides

Earlier posters were a piece of printed paper aimed to attract attention to the surface. However we live in the information technology era and the main field of activity is internet. A the evolution of posters is obvious: they are created exactly for the web.

More often they are used as the elements of web design. Also, being a great tool for advertising, posters can be creatively used for web marketing. With a well-designed poster you can successfully advertise a product (for example, a movie) or event (for example, a gig). But remember the look of posters can be made in many ways, because there a lot of styles: for now the most popular are vintage and minimalist styles.

The current post is aimed to help you to design a remarkable post, which matches the time. So, welcome 10 poster design tips & guides.

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9 Graphic Designers Tips for Fabulous Posters

The article gives a general information about the poster-making, mostly concentrating on the graphic side of creation.

Poster Design Tips and Guides

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7 Tips to Design a Good Effective Poster

This is also a general post on the posting, however the tips here are more general, than the ones in the previous article.

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Designing Emails: Process and Inspiration

Emails are an important part of business outreach strategy. Monetizing the use of emails by making them part of business marketing strategy is quite common, but what is uncommon is emails delivering the returns you are looking for. There are quite a number of online marketing experts who believe businesses mustn’t chase returns from email marketing because they are elusive at best and the effort doesn’t justify the final outcome. As a designer, I have my own take on why not all email campaigns generate revenue.

I believe the design of emails or the lack of it is the reason behind their failure to make an impression on the recipient. With RWD emerging as the next big thing, and with designers getting caught up in the merits or demerits of minimalist design, flat design, etc., not many designers are willing to give the time and the effort required to create well-designed emails. That’s because even businesses don’t believe in investing time and effort in creating engaging, top-of-the line HTML emails.

This article is for those who still think emails are an important marketing channel and also for the unbelievers. Following a staged designing process for an email, which is actually a set of simple newsletter design tips, you will be able to create an email in no time at all.

newsletter design tips

Image Source: Stock Photo by Shutterstock

Let’s take a look at a few important aspects that are a part of the email designing process:

First Things First, Sort Out Your Thoughts

Begin by figuring out how you want your email ook like. Adopt the same kind of thinking as you would, while designing a web page. There isn’t a lot of difference between the two. Also make sure your design is simple and straightforward; the reason for creating a simple email is that you want it to work with all email clients, even those with poor standard support. While designing your email, make sure every single design element you use renders effectively on all email clients.

Create a Graphical Mockup of the Template

Before you begin the actual process of design, be sure to create a mockup of your email template. The mockup must look exactly like the final template, so that your client gets an idea of what the final design will look like. Most clients, who take an interest in the way their projects are designed, want their project to shape up in perfect conformity with their project brief. If your mockup is good, you will be given the go-ahead for actual design, but if it lacks in certain aspects, the client will provide the necessary feedback. In this case, make the necessary changes in the mockup, and then begin designing the email template.

Ensure You Use Tables for Layout

Given the fact that there are plenty of email clients that don’t support designing techniques like padding, margin, etc., you must play it safe and use tables. But while doing so make sure that you don’t set the width for the table, but for each cell in the table.

newsletter design tips

Now there are some designers who assume that email clients will figure out a width out for themselves if they don’t mention a specific width, but that’s not going to happen. Also, some email clients put in their own values, which can lead to your design breaking up. So, make sure you specify them.

Images, Inline Styles and Shortcodes
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Fresh and Hot: 12 jQuery Image Gallery Tutorials

You can be a great photographer, or you can put some definitely wonderful illustrations on your website, but there is one remark. All this stuff would mean nothing, if it’s not framed suitably. The presentation of the pics is not less important than the content itself, moreover the perception of the illustration strongly depends on the way it’s showed. Maybe, that’s why web design still exists and prospers.

How to make your image gallery look attractive? Well, it’s quite easy to do with the help of modern web technology. I believe the best one is jQuery. So, developing the theme of today post, I have something for you. I searched through the web and found the fresh 12 jQuery image gallery tutorials. All of them are the latest tuts, for you to keep the current trends. Enjoy your learning.

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Horizontal Portfolio Layout with CSS3 Animations & jQuery

The gallery is simply navigated by scrolling. Once you click the element, you’ll see more detailed info about it.

fresh jQuery image gallery tutorials

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Photoset Grid

This tut will teach you to how to create wonderful photos grid.I must mention it’s most probably created to represent hipster photos.

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10 Church Modules to Install on Drupal Site

The times, when the church was associated with something outdated, passed. Now priests use all the benefits of the modern civilization – in the name of Jesus. It also concerns such its considerable part as the internet. It’s quite easy to gather the church community through the web.

Of course, in this case we have a problem of building a good site. The bad one will just compromise the God’s web-reputation: it’s better not to do the website, than to do it carelessly. We don’t need to be a professional programmer to build a website, there a lot of opportunities to use the ready platforms. One of the best is Drupal. I offer you check 10 Drupal Church Modules.

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Something Hot for Web Designers: 30 Free Dribbble PSDs

We live in a wonderful age. Internet gives all opportunities for self-fulfillment. The only thing you need is a strong wish: there are a lot of resources you can show yourself. Talking about web design I must mention a new site Dribble. Founded in 2009, it gained a strong popularity in design circles and even more. Dribbble became a concentration of design expressions: just watch, share, like.

The most interesting thing that Dribble is full of professional works, and I believe this resource is the best one to find the high-quality freebies. Actually, it’s the theme of the current post. 30 free dribble PSDs – all of them are fresh and all of them are for you, the guys who live in design, eats design and breathes design. The digest presents icons, UI elements, calendars, notepads etc., made in minimalism and flat styles. Enjoy.

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Oniam UI Kit

Free Dribbble PSDs

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Calendar Full

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