Improvements in WordPress 3.6 That You Should Expect Soon

If you would like to create a blog or a website with textual content par excellence, you would have few ways to do it nicely. For example, you can start using WordPress. This content management system is considered to be one of the most popular and comfortable: it powers over 60 million websites worldwide.

WordPress Foundation is almost ready to launch a new version of its wonderful blogging and website tool. It’s WordPress 3.6 and it’s is a hot thing: comparing with previous updates this one made a notable step forward. Let’s revise some of the major changes.

New Theme

The WordPress 3.6 would have a modernized default theme called Twenty Thirteen. Designers concentrated on colors: they were improved with high contrast and bold tints. Also, following the latest tendencies, Twenty Thirteen is oriented on working optimally with one-column layout.

The new theme is able to remember widget positions, which would be a proper add-on for changing template. Besides, Twenty Thirteen is responsive, the smartphone boom and actively growing mobile web are taken into consideration.

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Why to Use Google App Engine?

Google is the market leader of the Internet revolution. Apart from having the best search engine in the world the company has launched a plethora of products that allow developers to build robust websites. One such product that has become extremely popular with the developers globally is the Google App Engine. This allows you to build web applications on the same stable and extendable that power Google’s applications. You will be able to use run these apps on Google’s data centers and make use of its massive infrastructure.

Google App Engine

The Google App Engine’s development environment make use of Java and Python which most developers are familiar with and provides a powerful and robust set of APIs to create custom apps that are highly secure and independent from other apps running in the cloud. This platform is absolutely free and you can sign up using your Google account. If you need additional resources you can always purchase them. It is easy to scale up as your data storage and traffic needs grows with time. On such occasions you can enable billing and allocate your budget according to your needs. Apart from these advantages Google also offers you a platform to market these apps among millions of users in the world and make large sums of money.

What makes the App Engine so attractive to the developers is the fact that you can easily write the application code, test it on your local system and upload it to Google at the click of a button or with a few lines of command script. This does away with the traditional concept of worrying about the system administration approving your apps or launching a new version of the application. You won’t need to share your database or keep buying machines thus adding to the cost. Google takes care of all the maintenance and allows developers to focus on the features of the application. Read More

How to Build 404 Page – Helpful Articles Compiled

All of us have the disappointing experience of running against the 404 page while browsing. Actually, this page is the one a user sees instead of the nonexistent file on your website. In response to the request for the missing page, servers send back an http status code which indicates that the page was not found. A standard 404 page doesn’t contain any useful information and the visitor has nothing to do but leave it as soon as possible.

However, if you value each and every visitor and care about high conversion rates, you can create an original custom 404 page, which will contain essential information and encourage users to continue their search.

Here are some brief guides on possible 404 page design and content:

  • 1. It’s better to use general website’s style, color scheme, background, etc. for your 404 page.
  • 2. The 404 page will be perceived as a part of your website if you include navigation menu and search form into its design.
  • 3. Give the users a direct link to the HTML sitemap. Following it, the visitors will find the page they want quickly and easily.
  • 4. Insert a short friendly message, apologizing for the inconvenience and offering to continue the search for needed content.
  • 5. Don’t be afraid to be creative and humorous. It’s great if people smile looking at your 404 page.

If you are going to build your 404 page, here is a compilation of helpful articles telling how to do this for websites powered by different engines. Create your custom 404 page and don’t let the users, mistyping URLs or clicking broken links leave your website.

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Joomla 2.5 – Create Custom 404 Error Page

how to create 404 error page

* * *

How to Make a Custom 404 Page

how to create 404 error page

* * *

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Free Bootstrap Themes – The Power of New Age

Web design world abounds with various frameworks that are tailored for website creation. If we make a list of those frameworks, it will way too lengthy. But today we’d like to focus on Bootstrap – a frame that thundered all over the web and took over minds and souls of developers all over the globe. Bootstrap was some sort of a life buoy that took web development to an absolutely new level. We can speak a lot about it, but some definite things like Bootstrap themes will be more useful for all of you.

Free Bootstrap themes in a range of different styles will not only gladden your eyes, but also help you start the online business. All of them have easy-to-edit code and go with powerful features. Personal blogs, portfolios, corporate and a variety of business sites all of which are fully responsive and lightweight are compiled in this collection. Spreading the word about your business becomes easier with the help of these professionally looking themes. You can get all of them on the free basis, and it’s one more benefit. What can you do with them? Use as a basis for your future sites or just experience the process of their editing. In both cases you get the useful experience of working with Bootstrap that will certainly come helpful when its third version will appear.


Free Bootstrap Theme Andia

more info | download

Free Bootstrap Themes


Free Bootstrap Theme Preference

more info | download

Free Bootstrap Themes
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Ready to Start iOS Developing? Check 10 Essential Tools & Resources

If you are on this page I suppose you have stood on the slippery path of iOS application developer. Feel yourself like a helpless kitten? Don’t worry, this awkward feeling is temporary. Trying to speed up the process of its liquidation? Okay, take my simple advice: just relax and check 10 iOS developer tools and resources I listed below.

Of course, my previous paragraph doesn’t state the following examples are allowed to come in handy for noobs only. I’m pretty sure, even experienced developers would find something new and useful for themselves.

* * *

iOS Dev Center

It’s a first website every iOS developer should know about. Here you can find a lot of useful information: guides, code samples, technical notes and much more. The value of info consists in the fact that it’s given from the first hands – all documentation is official.

iOS Development Tools and Resources

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iPhone Toolbox

This resource gathers different stuff for iPhone: icons, wallpapers, applications. Also iPhone Toolbox serves as a news platform with everyday updates regarding iOS development world.

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Seven Places to Find Free Responsive Website Themes

Nobody in sound mind will argue the fact that the mankind has entered the era of responsive design. Mobile device market eclipsed the one of desktop computers and still continues to grow. People got used to tablets and smartphones as they give us boundless freedom and time saving options. Our life tempo continues to hasten and the possibility to get information, work and shop on the move is really critical.

However, the situation can be called favorable for web development service providers as the more new devices appear, more software and designs are required. From this viewpoint, responsive design saves all website owners from wasteful expenses. The technology, based on media queries, flexible images and fluid grids identifies screen resolution of particular device and adapts the content to provide proper website rendering. Due to the responsive design, merchants don’t have to maintain several versions of the same website as one is enough to fit all popular screen widths.

If you need a responsive layout for your project, but don’t want to spend any money on it, there is a good chance to get the design for free. Below we’ve listed 7 places on the internet any self-seeking designer should know and visit from time to time. So, click the links below, browse the selection of templates, choose free responsive design which suits your creative idea, customize it, and be closer to your customers wherever they are and whatever device they use!

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Smashing Hub

responsive website themes

* * *

Smashing Apps

responsive website themes

* * *

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Augment Your Web and Graphic Design Skills with Adobe InDesign

Technology has made a great impact on different life aspects and is still keeping on improvising. These days people developed numerous software and tools to carry out various operations such as documentation, communication and designing. With the time flow, people have realized the importance of media and presentation, so they are focusing on design, whether it’s print media, web or electronic media. Presenting something in the attractive manner makes things more effective and that’s the reason why people use various design applications to create enhanced and attractive web designs, print designs, graphic designs and so on.

Adobe, one of the most popular IT Companies, offers a wide range of design applications, recognized by professional designers utilizing different Adobe software to fulfill their design tasks. Among multiple design tools, Adobe InDesign is one of the most popular and feature-rich software, developed to meet the requirements of web and print designers.

Adobe InDesign is a Desktop Publishing (DTP) software. You might be thinking what does that suppose to mean? Well, InDesign offers tools both for design and layout purposes, it provides you with the ability to work with text and images. Besides this, you can create attractive document layouts for printing posters and newspapers. Some most prominent features of InDesign are discussed in detail below.

Laying out a document

This feature allows you create custom document layouts and work with layers in order to organize document’s structure. Furthermore, it offers you several different styles in terms of fonts; you can create and modify object styles as well. With the transformation feature you can transform different objects to create the unique one.

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Designing for Windows 8 – What You Need to Know!

With the advent of Windows 8, Microsoft’s latest OS, developers and designers can certainly look forward to build some really cool apps. Add to this, the growing number of tablets, Windows based smart phones and touch-screen laptops; the demand for Windows 8 applications is surely going to see an upward trend. According to Microsoft, there will be as many as 400 million devices powered by Windows 8 in coming years. This itself speaks about the immense potential for developing Windows 8 based apps. Understanding the philosophy behind the design of Windows 8 definitely helps shape your thoughts for crafting applications for this platform.

Well, one need not be a hard-core technical expert to build applications for this platform. However, there are various things you need to know while crafting apps for Windows 8. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Modern UI – Brainchild of Microsoft, the Modern UI is basically language and design style. Taking its root from Swiss Typography and Bauhaus School of Design, Modern UI was created with objective to help users interact seamlessly with content. In order to design a Windows 8 application, you must have a considerable understanding about this design style. Modern UI revolves around five principles. These are briefly discussed as under:
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Skeuomorphism Infographic That Would Remind about Real Life

People are programmed in their instincts to fear everything unknown or at least treat it with suspicion. As an example we can take darkness phobia of some persons – its roots stretch from pre-historical times, when our ancestors could expect a saber-toothed smilodon jumping out of the night at any moment. So there is no need to be a psychologist to agree with an obvious fact that a human prefers familiar things. Therefore, creating something we should take into consideration this simple truth to cause sympathy (or even for more delicate effects on consumers’ minds).

A method following the concept in design has its own name – skeuomorphism. The term comes from Greek: skeuos (σκεῦος) means container or tool, and morphê (μορφή) means shape. Skeuomorphism is a technique when composition uses something unnecessary for functionality as it is in the original product. Talking strictly about web design, skeuomorphism appears to be a method when usual things from real life are transferred as simulacra into virtual user interfaces. This is a very widespread trend recently: skeuomorphism became extremely popular especially after smartphone boom – new simplified forms of user-device interaction caused development of new simplified user experience. Nevertheless, the method emerged long before this: once graphical user interface took stable shape with certain global standards in metaphors, IT companies begin to implement skeuomorphism projects.

A lot can be told about the subject and I have one thing intended to help you to know more. A remarkable infographic about skeuomorphism in web design was presented recently by TemplateMonster. It reveals many aspects less or more related to the subject: beginning from the history of skeuomorphism development and up to pros and cons of using this technique in web design. Moreover, the infographic is designed in attractive retro style with the skeuomorphism shown in it on practice. The central element is a vintage CRT television: information is broadcasted through it after clicking on interactive skeuomorphism elements.

Below I represent static JPG version. A click on the picture or on the link in the previous paragraph would lead you to the full interactive skeuomorphism infographic.

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Tired of Empty Space? Try 10 Dummy Image Generators for Web Designers

Sometimes there is a need to create a random picture without making efforts. It’s not only about laziness: in some cases illustration indeed is permissible to be whichever without requirements of deep concept. You can be surprised, but this can be used for the benefit of a project – proper distribution of efforts gives a real opportunity to pay more attention to other elements.

Dummy Image Generators

Generated by lorempixel.

Web designers, you have a way out – dummy image generators. These helpful services would easily provide with placeholder and dummy images, which are intended to fill useless empty space. Below I listed 10 dummy image generators considered to be the best for web designers. Read More