Roadsworth Art as an Example of Creative Urban Landscape Transforming

Nowadays urban art is not a wonder in any more or less big city. As every piece of creation, it can follow different goals, which are sometimes even alternate: compare satire on capitalism society from Banksy in London and graffiti used in marketing and advertising all over the world.

And it’s curious enough that one of the most remarkable street art artists started as a supporter for creation of more bike paths. Questioning the “car culture”, he improved markings and signs on the streets of Montreal, Canada with paintings based on stencil technique. His pseudo is Roadsworth and since 2001, when he began his activity, the artist gained popularity, experienced an arrest and wrote a book. Of course, Roadsworth has a deeper motivation than just approaching for cyclist rights. As per the artist the tendency roots into striking against industrial-age mentality, which is considered to be outdated for modern realities. You can agree or disagree with Roadsworth’s point of view, but it would be hypocritical to deny that his art is worth of its popularity.

The Canadian artist has his own website, where you can check all his artworks. Let me present some of them, I liked most.

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Roadsworth Art

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Roadsworth Art

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Infographic Videos – the Advanced Method of Data Presentation

Infographics or information graphics is a popular visual technique to represent complicated data by means of simple shapes, images, words and figures. It is an evidential fact that concise information supplied with illustrating images is easier to understand and memorize. Infographics are not something new; they’ve been around for many years. In everyday life we meet the infographic examples every step we go and use them subconsciously viewing the weather forecast, transportation map, site plan or some statistical data. They say that the earliest infographics belong to the period when ancient people carved the odd symbols and animal figures on the walls of their caves.

Every infographic contains visual component, content and knowledge, aimed to be conveyed. The secret of their visual power lies in how human brain processes the incoming information. The images, unlike text symbols are handled at once, which is much faster as fifty percent of our mind is involved.

The infographics are efficient when they match three simple guides:

  • 1. Attractive layout to catch audience’s eyes.
  • 2. Easy for comprehension content.
  • 3. Convenient for retention design.

The infographics can be static, animated and motion. The matter of our special today’s interest are infographic videos. All of us like to watch videos online. Sometimes we view them just for fun, sometimes for education. Video presentation combined with information graphics and amusing animation makes deeper effect on the user. The videos are accompanied by music or narrator’s voice or even both. So, our audio receptors also take part in the process.

Herein under, you will find a collection of interesting infographic videos more or less related to web design. Viewing them, you will be able to make up your own opinion on motion infographics efficiency. In any case, the videos will teach you something new in easy and entertaining manner or just serve an additional source of Friday inspiration.

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Social vs Search Smackdown: A Battle of Internet Marketing Titans

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Visual Thinking Is…

Infographic Videos

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10 Best Plugins WordPress Can’t Be Imagined Without

Though WordPress is considered to be one of the best blogger platforms and CMS tools, it’s not ideal: of course it lacks a lot of needful features. Good for us that WordPress developers provided with an opportunity to add plugins. The option is so wide that they can really change the backend and frontend of the website. And the benefits of that are actively used: you most probably won’t find any good WordPress website without plugin support even if you would try to do it.

Are you interested in what these mysterious things could give to your website? Okay, no problem, let me present to you the 10 best WordPress plugins, which are ready for using right away, and shortly review each of them.

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Share This

This service allows to create different styles of widgets with share and like buttons: vertical, horizontal, with counter or not, sliding on the side or fixed in one place and so on. Enjoy increasing activity: 120 social media resources are available for close integration with your website.

Best WordPress Plugins

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We shouldn’t forget about the important role of mobile internet. WPtouch plugin would help to improve the responsive ability and make your website much handier for smartphones and tablets.

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Multi-Language Support for Joomla: Using Extentions or Not

Active internetization of the world dictates new tendencies for the web. As we can see every nation intends to develop the native language sector on the internet. Of course, you can be an adherent of globalization (it’s silly not to be), but not to admit the growing of non-Englishspeaking users equals to be a fool. Sure, we can replace a word “fool” with a term “bad marketer”, however the essence won’t change.

So, expand your target audience by countries, make people from all over the world interested in your resources. Today I would try to help your with that by showing the ways of improving multilingual support on Joomla. The main method to do this is to upgrade your Joomla system with proper language extensions. The fact that an official Joomla site gathers them in one place is quite handy. Multilingual extensions that are focused on managing content we require can be downloaded directly from the appropriate category.

Anyway, let me present couple of the most suitable and therefore the most popular multilingual tools.

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Bauhaus Art – The Provenance of Metro Style

Everyone knows what a Metro Style is, but not everyone knows where did it come from. All around the web we can find tons of design freebies that comprise all the awesomeness of this style. Metro was some sort of the response to those old-school designs. Created as a shell for mobile OS, due to its popularity and novity Metro found it’s way into millions of desktop PCs and some newly created websites.

Metro designers understood that people have already crossed the line where everyone needed skeuomorphic GUIs, no one needs them already. It’s pretty clear that interfaces had to make the next step in their evolution. Most innovative designers say that future stands for Metro.

Even Apple seems to drop skeuomorphism in it’s next OS version (even though they brought this real-life monster to the market) and make their interfaces flat. As you may have guessed Flat style is Metro’s stepbrother.

Anyway, here comes the question…where did Metro come from? It turned out that it’s creators drew inspiration from the German Modernist movement of 1920s and 1930s- the Bauhaus School.

Below we’ve features the works of those artists. If you look closer you will definitely find similarities with the Metro interface. We’ve chosen the works of most prominent artists of this school: Paul Klee, Le Corbusier, Josef Albers, Herbert Bayer, Piet Mondrian & Wassily Kandinsky. Check them out.


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Free Website Template for Design Studio – Easy Way to Become Noticeable Online

It’s time to show off your business with a stylish site. Debut your ideas with a solid theme primed for design studios, firms and workshops. Using Free Website Template for Design Studio, you can underline your creativity and make people interested in your works.

This contrasting layout in shades of black, white and with red accents looks stunning and easily attracts attention. If you opt for good visual impact on the viewers, this theme is for you. The classy structure of the layout with the slider in the header and content part subdivided into blocks looks familiar for the visitors, presents the information in easy-to-perceive manner. The list of your clients and partners, the featured testimonials – everything you want will be nicely placed in the separated blocks. Intuitive navigation with such elements as drop-down menu, back to top button makes work with your site convenient. Free template live demo will show you this theme in details.

This theme is worth sharing your great works.

Free Website Template for Design Studio:

To download the whole package of this template, visit the Free Website Template for Design Studio download page at TemplateMonster and type an email address that you want the free template package to be delivered to (don’t forget to uncheck the newsletter subscription checkbox in case you’re already subscribed, otherwise you may not be able to download the zip file). Feel free to use this template for your business, but you cannot resell it as a template.

Download Free Website Template for Design Studio with PSD files (16,3MB)

IMPORTANT NOTICE:TemplateMonster does not provide support services on free templates – including this one. We only provide support for the products that are being purchased from TemplateMonster. Our free templates are produced according to the latest web standards and we’ve been trying to make the process of working with them as easy as possible, so for people with minimum web development experience it should be easy to work with them. However, if you don’t have any experience, we recommend you to refer to the tutorials or community forums on how to work with platforms that each respective template is made with, or to hire someone to do the job for you.

Surprisingly Helpful for Web Designers: Quality Depositphotos Stock Images

Every designer faces a situation, when there is no place to find inspiration. It could be a problem, if you have a project, which requires quick solutions, more fresh ideas for illustrations. Maybe, I could help a bit with that problem by presenting one interesting resource. Welcome: This website is a wonderful store for quality images. For now Depositphotos carries more than 3.5 million stock illustrations on it. A good place to choose from, isn’t it?

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Jetstrap for Bootstrap, or How to Make Your Framework More Effective

You’re using Bootstrap, you’re satisfied with it and you suppose nothing can be wished over that framework. Right? Once these words are true, I need to share a wise idea stating a belief that you achieved perfection is a first mistake leading to progress stop and degradation. Indeed, there is always something more to reach, to discover, to learn, to acquire, to use and so on. I started talking about a Bootstrap, so I want to end my though through presenting a useful thing for its development. Welcome: Jetstrap. What is that? Simple to explain: it’s an interface builder for Bootstrap 1.0, which would definitely make your development faster and easier. What are the magic features giving that? Let’s review in details.

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Improvements in WordPress 3.6 That You Should Expect Soon

If you would like to create a blog or a website with textual content par excellence, you would have few ways to do it nicely. For example, you can start using WordPress. This content management system is considered to be one of the most popular and comfortable: it powers over 60 million websites worldwide.

WordPress Foundation is almost ready to launch a new version of its wonderful blogging and website tool. It’s WordPress 3.6 and it’s is a hot thing: comparing with previous updates this one made a notable step forward. Let’s revise some of the major changes.

New Theme

The WordPress 3.6 would have a modernized default theme called Twenty Thirteen. Designers concentrated on colors: they were improved with high contrast and bold tints. Also, following the latest tendencies, Twenty Thirteen is oriented on working optimally with one-column layout.

The new theme is able to remember widget positions, which would be a proper add-on for changing template. Besides, Twenty Thirteen is responsive, the smartphone boom and actively growing mobile web are taken into consideration.

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Why to Use Google App Engine?

Google is the market leader of the Internet revolution. Apart from having the best search engine in the world the company has launched a plethora of products that allow developers to build robust websites. One such product that has become extremely popular with the developers globally is the Google App Engine. This allows you to build web applications on the same stable and extendable that power Google’s applications. You will be able to use run these apps on Google’s data centers and make use of its massive infrastructure.

Google App Engine

The Google App Engine’s development environment make use of Java and Python which most developers are familiar with and provides a powerful and robust set of APIs to create custom apps that are highly secure and independent from other apps running in the cloud. This platform is absolutely free and you can sign up using your Google account. If you need additional resources you can always purchase them. It is easy to scale up as your data storage and traffic needs grows with time. On such occasions you can enable billing and allocate your budget according to your needs. Apart from these advantages Google also offers you a platform to market these apps among millions of users in the world and make large sums of money.

What makes the App Engine so attractive to the developers is the fact that you can easily write the application code, test it on your local system and upload it to Google at the click of a button or with a few lines of command script. This does away with the traditional concept of worrying about the system administration approving your apps or launching a new version of the application. You won’t need to share your database or keep buying machines thus adding to the cost. Google takes care of all the maintenance and allows developers to focus on the features of the application. Read More