Great Design that does not Hurt Your PPC Efforts

ppc design usabilityEffort optimization and cost optimization have become the two buzzwords for any PPC marketers today. To them, every dollar spent on a client’s project counts and every wasted click-through (CTR) could bepotential but a missed business opportunity.

Managing Pay per Click (PPC)ad campaignsis also time-consuming. It requires continuous and dedicated effort from design, development,and marketing team. A typical PPC ad campaign involves a series of iterations in page design and HTML components, creation and filtration of multiple ad texts, ad copies, ad groups which are labor-intensive. Of course, the bidding strategy involved in high budget ad campaigns cannot be ignored as well.

To sum it up, it is a risk-return trade-offfor PPC managers. And,all these come with a huge accountability and cost for them. At the end of the day, PPC marketers are answerable to clients in achieving their PPC targets, that too with a pre-defined budget.

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Guide – How to opt a Right Web Design Company

“Owner of the company is not the faceof the company, but your website is!”

Choosing a right web design company

Website is company’s calling card on internet, and in order to succeed in a competitive market you need to have one you are proud of and does mean according to its respective job and one which offers pleasant view for your browsers which can be achieved with quality web development.

With great waves of transformation in marketing the social and mobile web has given the consumer the power to choose on many platforms. That means getting a professional web development company to develop your site and create web based solutions for your business.

You will come around many companies on web, but before you analyze each and every company, I would recommend you to check Kansas City. Kansas City is a digital marketing plus web development which helps you in every aspect of digital life. Web design Kansas City proves their excellence in every art of your website design and development.

But before approaching a web design company, you should clarify your requirements. Here’s how you do it.

Initially you must set your goals. You should be clear with every W’s of the business. As such, what’s the purpose of your website? Are you selling products, displaying your portfolio, announcing your services? What do you want your visitors to do? Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes. What do they expect to find at your website?

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Know the Features of the Well-Built Responsive Web Design!!

Several new technologies have been invented for providing people the easy and most convenient methods for web designing techniques. This has increased the comfort level of the technology freaks till a greater extent. Also, with the introduction of various new devices, right from desktop PCs to the laptops and from tablets to the Smartphone, the web designing techniques are getting technically better to the best.

responsive web design

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Collecting Free PSDS Online – A Great Way to Save Your Design Effort

free psd title

A resource saved is a resource earned. Saving internal resources by using free online help, downloadable files, and quick linkscan really work wonders. If you know how to apply smart techniques and do a little R&D to get them,it can save you time and a goodamount of money.

The approach may not sound ethical to some who want to build everything from scratch, but that is how many internet marketers and small business owners have been able to run their shows successfully so far. There is no harm in consulting and reusing free resources, I believe. Read More

Template Collection – A Great Way to Scale Up Your Design Skills

Collectibles are any time favorites. No matter what you like to collect for professional or personal use, inculcating this habit of creating repositories is always rewarding – sooner or later. It could be a collection of stamps, music albums, books, toys that you have been doing since childhood, or a collection of handy tools, tips, online resources that you have been doing throughout your professional career. So, there are two types of interests – personal and professional.

The professional objective is very clear. You want to develop a master list of web references, help files, quick notes, online tools, downloadable software that you can apply to your regular work. It is like creating a personal library of essential things that you maintain to strengthen your knowledge base, ideas, and experience. It is of great help indeed.

Search is Unlimited because Knowledge has No Limits

I still remember the days when I started collecting design templates; CMS based themes and PSD icons to develop my first ever blog. I prepared a list of more than hundred free and paid design templates if not less, and experimented with them to get the maximum output. The exercise was long but so encouraging, and full of fun! It even helped me give my best whenever I had to suggest suitable templates to my clients and colleagues.

You won’t believe I still rummage a lot of sites and blogs that list premium as well as free website builders, CMS based templates, web templates, ecommerce templates, PSD templates and more. Template Monster is one of the popular sites for web templates that you can follow to introduce new design elements in your kit. If you want hands-on experience with new website creation, simple drag-and-drop website builders like IM Creator can be really useful.


Fig: Categories of Web Templates

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Top 5 Text Editors for Joomla

Joomla content editors

Supercharge your Joomla website with one of the top 5 text editors. Content edition is a central part of a website, the most popular CMS, WordPress, focus on editor enhancement in each new version. Joomla has taken another direction, giving a free space to extension developers for an editor creation.

And this is what happened, currently on the Joomla extension directory there’s 17 editors available. Few of them are a real Joomla component with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface.

Let’s make the rounds of the best Joomla text editors on the market. Read More

Enhance Your eCommerce Store Efficiency With 6 Popular Magento Extensions

Magento Extensions

Magento has surpassed all the quality standards to become one of the best platforms for online web development. If you have been looking to build an authoritative brand on the web, the Magento platform could prove to be a big part in catering your needs.

Magento has been designed to deliver exceptional results, and a number of developers around the globe trust its efficiency. There are various web developers and business owners who are now using several features provide by this platform to customize their store according to the needs of their business. The top quality features of this platform, convenient user interface aids the creation of a fully functional, flexible, and a well controlled web based store. However, if you have been looking to enhance the performance and add more functionality, the following 5 extensions may prove to be very helpful. Read More

Labels – A Universal Language?


Think of, say, five of the world’s major brands. Now try to picture their logos and labels. Chances are that, for most of them, the image that comes to mind is just that – an image, without any wording, lettering or other identifying features.

For the major players in the marketing world, one of the signs that you’ve joined that rather exclusive club is that you no longer need to tell the customer who you are or what it is you’re selling, that potent combination of colour, design and symbolism is all that’s necessary to communicate not just who you are and what you do, but a wide range of almost subliminal messages about the brand, its ethos, values, style and cachet.

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10 Essential Optimization Tips For Your OpenCart E-commerce Website

opencart seo

OpenCart is one of the most recommended e-commerce platforms used by online merchants to set up their digital store. This PHP based platform provides users with an open source solution, allowing users to download and integrate any additional features to optimize one’s e-commerce store. This software can be a great start for beginners, who have just started out to try their hands in the world of online retailing.

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Making Responsive Web Design Work For You

rwd, responsive web design

If your commercial and business-generating website is any more complex than a few static HTML pages, eventually you will face this question: “What about mobile app access?” Should you create apps for mobile platforms, or should your website be browser-access only? The answer may be a surprising one.

If you are a cloud service provider, or if you are a content aggregator, or if you need to use the devices’ capabilities, creating mobile apps clearly makes business sense. You will have access to native APIs as well as the devices’ own functionality (e.g. camera, microphone, GPS). For most commercial website operators, though, the mobile app ecosystem is not necessarily ideal. It entails app design, coding and support for multiple platforms (a minimum of Android, iOS and Windows). Getting the user experience (UX) consistently right on all platforms can get complicated. All of which equals fewer resources available to actually build your core services. Read More