Top Downloaded Free Website Templates. Summer 2012

How to maximize the efficiency of your designer’s work? The inspiration will certainly help you find new solutions and present your ideas in the most effective way. If this inspiration is combined with professional stuff that can become useful in your works, it will certainly push the effectiveness of your working process up. Here is a great collection of goodies Top Downloaded Free Website Templates. Summer 2012 done by the creative designers from TemplateMonster.

This compilation features the items that we presented each week during this summer. We go on with this weekly series, and you will find more free website templates at our blog. For today, you are welcome to browse these attractive designs that are created for various online projects: business, agriculture, restaurant, wedding, medicine. Using their high-grade designs you can easily bring focus to your business ideas, thus making them interesting for your clients. These themes reflect the latest design directions, and gladden the eyes with stylish solutions. Being flexible and intuitive to use, they turn out to be nice solutions for the starting point of your project. It will not take you a lot of time to customize them, you can do it just in a few clicks. So, we can talk a lot about these free themes, but it’s always better to see than to hear. Here they are!

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Free Website Template with jQuery Slider for Diving Club

Click the image to go to download page

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Free Website Template with jQuery Slider for Restaurant Business

Click the image to go to download page

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New Kid on the Block: jQuery Website Tour Plugins

Using jQuery plugins as the most advanced tools in your website’s building process, allow you not only to create effective and multifunctional presentation of your website project, but also to provide your website users with rich visual experience. This time we brought to you the great set of jQuery plugins which includes website tour, help and instructional jQuery plugins. Each of them has detailed explanations and step-by-step instructions that will help you simply set the appropriate plugin and use it for your web project. So enhance your professional level working with jQuery plugins and move your website to the higher level!

jQuery Joyride Feature Tour Plugin

This jQuery plugin was build to provide you with simple settings which will help you to take control of how people interact with your tour. Also it was programmed to be compatible with modern browsers.

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Alvaro’s Simple Tour Plugin

The key feature of this jQuery plugin is that it has quite simple structure which gives all necessary elements, configurations and tooltips to this plugin.

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Review of The Best Examples of Facebook Covers

Today Facebook is one of the most famous social networking websites that unites the whole world together. With new launch of Timeline we can organize our events and wall activities based on time. Timeline makes Facebook account more stylish and fresh, so each user can add not only his/her photo, but also unusual cover that will contrast or integrate with the small photo. In this blog entry we’ve selected the most effective and extraordinary examples of Facebook covers which impress you by their designs and styles. So check them out and stay amused!

Shauna Winterol

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WebsiteDefender Free Version – The Easiest Way to Protect Your Online Business

The number of websites that have been harmed by hackers is increasing with scary speed. Hackers create malware in order to block the normal running of your website, destroying its database and turning it into one more stress instead of a successful business. Everyone who has an online project is aware of this problem, and we are glad to offer you a great solution!

WebsiteDefender Free Edition makes it easy to manage all the above mentioned troubles of your online project, as it monitors your website and find vulnerabilities, and malware makes you aware of their presence and possible ways to neutralize them. You will be immediately informed if website content has been changed or a domain name is expired.

Some of the features:

• The presence of your expired SSL certificate will be carefully checked
• DNS hacks for your website to another URL redirection will be detected
• Timely information about source code disclosure
• Detection of web server configuration problems (for example in .htaccess files)
• Detection of insecure PHP configuration
• Broken links will be found in a short period of time

You can see a full list of WebsiteDefender Features here. The Free Edition of WebsiteDefender is modern and meets all the latest demands and requirements.

In order to supply you with all necessary data concerning your website security, we should also point out the free WebsiteDefender WordPress security plugin. It is one more easy way to protect your online business by means of modern security tools.

Don’t wait for the moment you get hacked – you are able to prevent it right now and this will cost you nothing. Sign up for your free WebsiteDefender Account today.


Illustrator Text Effects Tutorials. Make Your Works Stunning!

If you want to decorate your designs with something stunning, you can easily do it with cool Text Effects. Where can you learn more about them? You can always search some useful tutorials for the information you need. Here is a compilation of Illustrator Text Effects Tutorials that will help improve your skills and teach you some useful tricks that can become handy in your work. They will show you how to transform the fonts you have chosen into bright designs that can attract the viewers’ attention. You’ll learn to manipulate text as well as graphics and do it in the most effective way. The presented here Illustrator Text Effects Tutorials will show you how to add the stylish custom feel to your works and make them stunning. Well, let’s see what they can offer you!


Create a 3D Newspaper, Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator Text Effects Tutorials

Create Typography That’s Going Down the Drain – Psd Premium Tutorial

Illustrator Text Effects Tutorials
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Free Joomla Fashion Template

We are glad to announce the launch of the second Joomla goodie from the creative professionals. Here it is – Free Joomla Fashion Template with a bunch of cool Joomla features inside that are indispensable for the great site.

Using it as the basis of your project, you make use of Joomla power and you are able to start the site with attractive layout and good functionality. High-quality sites have to be user-friendly, and this rule is taken into account in the process of the creation of the presented here theme. Besides, it gladdens the eyes with the sophisticated style – the very effect you need to attract the visitors to your project that deals with fashion and modern trends in this industry. Whatever business ideas you have, they will be nicely presented with this high-grade product.

Free Joomla Fashion Template:

To download the whole package of this template, visit the Free Joomla Fashion Template download page at TemplateMonster and type an email address that you want the free template package to be delivered to (don’t forget to uncheck the newsletter subscription checkbox in case you’re already subscribed, otherwise you may not be able to download the zip file). Feel free to use this template for your business, but you cannot resell it as a template.

Download Free Fashion Business Template with PSD files (4,35MB)

IMPORTANT NOTICE:TemplateMonster does not provide support services on free templates – including this one. We only provide support for the products that are being purchased from TemplateMonster. Our free templates are produced according to the latest web standards and we’ve been trying to make the process of working with them as easy as possible, so for people with minimum web development experience it should be easy to work with them. However, if you don’t have any experience, we recommend you to refer to the tutorials or community forums on how to work with platforms that each respective template is made with, or to hire someone to do the job for you.

Get Free Autumn Web Design Elements for Your Captivating Projects

Slowly waning sun, first autumn chill, leaf fall, harvest time… each season of the year is wonderful in its own way. Yeah, time flies and autumn is right at the door. So we need to get ready and enlarge our supplies with the new fall stuff which helps to make creative and effective web projects. Today we’ve selected for you really impressive compilation of the most seasonal:

Here you’ll find all necessary attributes without which any autumn project can’t be managed. There are different leaves images, school elements, vegetables icons and everything that connects with this wonderful season. So add more autumn touch to your web designs and keep this great positive spirit of the most rich and graceful time of the year. Simply browse and enjoy!

Free Autumn Icon Sets

Autumn Breeze Icons

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The Leaf Fall Social Icon Set

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Wolfram Alpha and Siri: The New Story of Big Wolf and a Red Riding Hood

British scientist Stephen Wolfram launched a new search engine Wolfram Alpha, which, he said, would be “as important as Google”. Judging by the posts in blog of the scientist, the method of how his search engine works fundamentally differs from the method of his competitors: it understands natural language (i.e., the human language). How Mr. Wolfram managed to achieve this, is not clear yet – experts are still testing the search engine. The scientist himself admits that Wolfram is far from being perfect, but it is of a high interest to have a look at his child. After all, it was Stephen Wolfram who created a famous computer system of algebra Mathematica.

Before we start singing praises for Wolfram|Alpha, we need to make a small note – this is not a search engine. This is a huge knowledge base, interaction within which is done with a huge amount of computational algorithms. In short, this is a service that runs on a “question/answer”. No references in Google style, no content, only useful information. For Siri – the most it.

The New York Times writes that every fourth request for Wolfram|Alpha comes from Siri servers. I mean all the other services of Wolfram including website form, versatile applications for iOS and Android, highly specialized programs etc. – provide only 75% of all requests.

Generally speaking, Apple knowingly made the Wolfram|Alpha base accessible through an assistant. Thus iPhone 4S users have access to 2 sources of information; each source is constantly updated without user intervention. Among the more or less recent innovations for Wolfram – information on flights and prices for goods:

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Ten Essential Project Management Tips For Web Design

A web designer might be a renowned HTML and CSS linguist, but that does not make him an excellent project manager. In the same way that one might be able to produce A+ websites but fall short on people skills.

Leadership and organizational skills are the marks of a project manager. For those who speak design and communicate with people well, they can consider themselves a rare breed.

But just as leaders are made and not born, so are project managers the product of many tags. Here are a few essential tips to bring out the web design leader in you.

1. Know your client’s expectations

Find out what your client wants from the website and determine the purpose of the project. Will you be building a site from scratch or are you revamping a current design? Will you be designing a site meant to inform potential clients or will it be an online shop? Basic questions such as these will help you determine your client’s end goals.

An initial meeting with your client (over coffee preferred, but not necessary) will set project expectations, and give you insight on details like design, color, and content preferences.

2. Talk money

The budget is not something you might put on the table right away. And chances are your client will wait for an initial offer to retaliate with negotiations. But agreeing to a project cost early on is a win-win situation. Once you know the scope of work and the budget, prepare a contract to make your agreement a binding partnership.

3. Create a design brief

The design brief is the bible of your project. It will contain important information like objectives, strategies, and initiatives. Every element of the design should be directed towards a target audience. And yes, you should have determined who you are talking to by this stage.

Putting down project milestones will help determine the small victories towards the road to completion. Mark events that say progress, and tell your client what these milestones will be.

4. Pick a project management tool

Getting organized is key to effective project management. There are many project management software you can use. If the pocket allows, you can invest in Basecamp, activeColab, or Codendi among others. A simple online search can yield many free organization tools as well.

Have you heard of a Gantt chart? It is an effective tool in illustrating a project schedule. Apart from the timeline, it helps track important elements like “who does who” and “who is in charge of what”. At a glance, a Gantt chart can tell you how much progress a project has done.

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CSS3 Tutorials of August 2012 for Advancing Your Web Knowledge

It’s high time to enlarge your ultimate collection of useful web designer’s stuff by new CSS3 tutorials which we are presenting in this roundup. Nowadays CSS is not only a styling technology common used in web design, but also the unique technique which allows to create various miscellaneous elements, effects and other website’s components for making each project original and striking in its own way. You can look through our previously posted CSS3 tutorials of July 2012 and find something new and interesting for your work. And here you’ll find practical and well-structured CSS3 tutorials which includes detailed instructions that show you how to create interesting hover effects on circles with CSS transitions and 3D rotations, how to build Flickr style dynamic edit fields with a title and description, how to make pure CSS3 animated clouds and so on. We hope that this fresh well-chosen set of CSS3 tutorials of August 2012 will come in handy and perfectly assist you in all your web activities.

Circle Hover Effects with CSS Transitions

This tutorial about how to create different interesting hover effects on circles with CSS transitions and 3D rotations.

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Flickr Style Dynamic Edit Fields with CSS3 & jQuery

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to build a set of small dynamic photos with a title and description, then using jQuery you can target whenever a user clicks on these fields to edit the content right from the page.

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