Enhance Your eCommerce Store Efficiency With 6 Popular Magento Extensions

Magento Extensions

Magento has surpassed all the quality standards to become one of the best platforms for online web development. If you have been looking to build an authoritative brand on the web, the Magento platform could prove to be a big part in catering your needs.

Magento has been designed to deliver exceptional results, and a number of developers around the globe trust its efficiency. There are various web developers and business owners who are now using several features provide by this platform to customize their store according to the needs of their business. The top quality features of this platform, convenient user interface aids the creation of a fully functional, flexible, and a well controlled web based store. However, if you have been looking to enhance the performance and add more functionality, the following 5 extensions may prove to be very helpful. Read More

Labels – A Universal Language?


Think of, say, five of the world’s major brands. Now try to picture their logos and labels. Chances are that, for most of them, the image that comes to mind is just that – an image, without any wording, lettering or other identifying features.

For the major players in the marketing world, one of the signs that you’ve joined that rather exclusive club is that you no longer need to tell the customer who you are or what it is you’re selling, that potent combination of colour, design and symbolism is all that’s necessary to communicate not just who you are and what you do, but a wide range of almost subliminal messages about the brand, its ethos, values, style and cachet.

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10 Essential Optimization Tips For Your OpenCart E-commerce Website

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OpenCart is one of the most recommended e-commerce platforms used by online merchants to set up their digital store. This PHP based platform provides users with an open source solution, allowing users to download and integrate any additional features to optimize one’s e-commerce store. This software can be a great start for beginners, who have just started out to try their hands in the world of online retailing.

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Making Responsive Web Design Work For You

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If your commercial and business-generating website is any more complex than a few static HTML pages, eventually you will face this question: “What about mobile app access?” Should you create apps for mobile platforms, or should your website be browser-access only? The answer may be a surprising one.

If you are a cloud service provider, or if you are a content aggregator, or if you need to use the devices’ capabilities, creating mobile apps clearly makes business sense. You will have access to native APIs as well as the devices’ own functionality (e.g. camera, microphone, GPS). For most commercial website operators, though, the mobile app ecosystem is not necessarily ideal. It entails app design, coding and support for multiple platforms (a minimum of Android, iOS and Windows). Getting the user experience (UX) consistently right on all platforms can get complicated. All of which equals fewer resources available to actually build your core services. Read More

Ways to Create Login Popup Feature in Website Using CSS

The most ordinary features of websites are log-in forms and registration. As your clients and users are not much fond of loading pages, the web experts are coming across identifying forms along with Javascript and spreading them on the web page contents. When you are creating any pop-over box or popup, you need the help of CSS, HTML, and jQuery [Javascript].

Login Popup Feature in Website Using CSS

Here we’re going to tell you how to craft a good looking Login Pop-up Box or Sign-up with CSS or pop-up something along with light background with the application of CSS. Read More

Top 10 Must Use Software for Designers

The design industry is very wide with different types of and kinds of designers all busy creating master pieces in their own fields. And there are a lot of creative fields out there that are highly used and in demand. With the advancements of technology, the common man has no idea where and when creativity merged with technology, to produce some of the finest creations and entertainments that man has seen so far.

Whether you need to create a website, design a logo or draw a magazine cover layout – there are software’s and programs for every field of creativity and talent out there to remove the kinks and also to enable artists accomplish what would otherwise be impossible. Here we will take a look at some of those great software that help in shaping the world that we see around us. Read More

8 Anticipated SEO strategies for 2015

Change is the nature of life and it applies to everything in this world, even for search engine optimization too. SEO is constantly changing, many new updates are released, and new strategies are marketed. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of improving the website visibility on organic search engine results pages. Carefully selected relevant keywords are incorporated in the content to make it prominent for search engine algorithms. Those who are in this field like Kansas City SEO experts will agree that they have witnessed many changes in SEO trends for a long time. The same trend is predictable this year also, a few of which are given below.

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7 Web Design Tactics to Connect with Your Audience


For any brand, their website is nothing short of a public face. A good website is effective in creating a great first impression and making your mark virtually, whereas a bad one can just leave clients/visitors high and dry.

It is, therefore, important to create a website that is not just eye-catching, but also well-organized and easy to use. Such a website should go a long way in connecting you with existing and potential clients.

An ideal website requires the use of several stunning colors andoutstanding templates that attract users to them. Apart from that, users should also be able to navigate it easily. Support it with great content, and you’ve hit home run!

As you may already know, websites are a potent marketing tool for business promotion. To make it work optimally, you will need to focus on constantly improving its visual appeal, accessibility, user-friendliness and functionality.

Getting all these factors to work together can be rather difficult. Figuring out the perfect design can leave many a website designers perplexed.

Here are a few factors which can help.

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10 Steps to Improve Your Joomla eCommerce Store

This is for those who have an e-store and are looking for ways in which they can increase the turnover of their stores and online sales etc. the internet is the largest market place that there is in the world, it is a bigger and better place to do business than any other place or even the best marketplaces in the world. Every day the number of people using online shopping options is increasing, and every day the amounts of transactions that are taking place are also increasing. It makes good business sense to get in there and make some money while it is still a growing phenomenon, even regular businesses have online shopping facilities, and they recognize the potential and also the trends of the future.

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Here we will discuss some of the ways in which you can increase the amount of sales that you have online. Read More

Detailed Infographic of Web Design Trends 2004-2015

Web design industry is like a living being that grows, learns and changes lightning fast. This Infographic gives you all information on Web Design Trends from 2004-2014 and an outlook for 2015. Here you’ll find core features for each time period without long and boring introductions. So let`s take a closer look at how this industry has changed over the years.

 trends in web design

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