Dashed Lines as New Web Design Trend

If you are looking for something remarkable for your website’s design, the best way is to implement the latest design trends. Today wed like to review the most interesting and unusual design trend – the dashed lines which are on the wave of popularity now. You can start thinking about their usage capabilities for different websites, but we can convince you that this universal trend will be perfect for any kind of business in which the visual aspect matters. Web designers are using the dashed lines both for strict and stylish websites, colorful and informal ones. It is explained by the fact that with the help of dashed lines you can create the visual logical connection between elements of the website, show the direction or the path, separate website’s categories or just put all parts in order on the page. So we offer you to look through this wonderful collection of websites and web templates which have the dashed lines in their design:


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A Brief History of Business Cards

You will be forgiven for making the assumption that business cards, as we know them, were invented in the 1980s, the decade that corporate was in the bandwagon list. Sorry to tell you, but you’d be wrong. Business cards have been in use for many, many centuries. Almost as soon as companies and individuals savvied-up to the idea of advertising their services, business cards have been around. Here we take a quick dash through the decades to look at the origins of that humble, yet invaluable, 3.5 by 2-inch rectangle of card, tracing the development from its invention back in the 15th century up to today’s examples – which more often than not aren’t even made of a card!

Visiting cards

Experts tend to agree that the origins of the business card can be traced back to China 15th century. They were known as ‘visiting cards’ and served as a calling card to announce one’s intention of meeting with another individual. They could also be handed at the door of elite establishments so that the owner of the establishment could decide if permitting a meeting was worthwhile. Visiting cards were an essential self-promotion tool of the upper classes, a personal advertisement and a basis of forging an introduction.

business cards history

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17th Century

The practise of exchanging cards soared during the 17th century, particularly in Europe. The highly mannered reign of Louis XIV is considered to be the calling card heyday, where an individual’s success or failure in society often depended on the strength of their personal promotion.

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Business card etiquette

During the 17th and 18th centuries, a strict protocol existed to ensure that calling cards were employed correctly. If a gentleman wished to call on a lady, he had a lot to think about. On making a first call, he had to make sure there is a separate card for each lady of the household. Alternatively, he could fold his card down the middle to indicate it was meant for all members of the household. Cards had to be left with the servant; admission to the house would only be permitted after the hostess had examined the card. Calling cards were to be collected on a small tray kept in the hallway, which would be presented by a servant on the palm of his left hand. While a gentleman may carry his cards loose in his pocket, a lady should use a card case. If the gentleman received no acknowledgement of his card, he had to accept that there would be no continuation of the acquaintance. And on no account was it ever acceptable to sneak a peak at cards that had been left by other callers.
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Intriguing Play of Shadows – Photography Showcase

It is a well-known fact that people adore playing with their shadows. It is like seeing the dark reflection of your personality, looking into alternate dimension where you can find the answers to all important questions. Shadow is a great object for the photo art and we’ve decided to devote our Friday post to shadows. Indeed, photographers adore playing with shadows and creating mesmerizing imagery. It seems that most of the photos that we’ve included to our showcase have deep philosophical background which makes them remarkable and deeply intriguing. We sincerely hope that our showcase of shadow photography will inspire you to create more artistic photos. Have a nice Friday to all of you dear readers!

The Thought of Me Kissing You


* * *



* * *

A Hundred Million Suns


* * *

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Inky Deals Spring Bundle. Get More for Affordable Price!

The long-awaited spring has come and it’s a pretty good occasion to dress up your designs. How can you do it? With the cool promo from our friends Inky Deals. These creative guys offer you the high-grade goodies that will make your designs bright, effective and highly creative. So, what do you think about the Spring Bundle that you can get for the affordable price?

Within this bundle you’ll get a variety of vectors, Photoshop brushes, textures, illustrations, icons, fonts, t-shirt designs, UI Elements, image effects and even more items of useful stuff that can inspire you for great designs.

Just imagine: everything a designer needs in a single Spring Bundle!

The main point is that you get the whole pack that is valued at $935 just for $49. It means that you save about $900. Great, isn’t it?

The terms of the deal are quite simple. The files are delivered as an instant download, the license is royalty free, the usage is permitted for a single user/buyer, you are not allowed to share, resell or redistribute.

Check out the cool examples from this Spring Bundle:

Here is the whole list of items included in it:

  • Helios Pro Font Family 6 Fonts/550
  • 4 Texture Packs – 100 High Resolution Images
  • Premier Icon Bundle – Over 270 Icons
  • 20 Japanese Vector Illustrations
  • 20 Vintage Frames Illustrations
  • 20 Gold Vector Illustrations
  • 20 Tropical Summer Vector Illustrations
  • Drop Shadow Generator Photoshop Action
  • HDR Image Photoshop Action
  • Floral Photoshop Brushes Pack 34, 35, 35, 37, 38 – 20 Brushes
  • Infographics Elements PSD – 21 Elements
  • Certificate Vector Templates – 19 Templates
  • Calligraphic Vector Ornaments – 23 Ornaments
  • Unique Origami Chat Bubbles – 4 Designs
  • Elegant Website UI Elements- 32 Elements
  • Simple Retro Vector Badges – 8 Badges
  • Carbon UI Elements – 35 Elements
  • Blank Vector Stickers – 30 Stickers
  • 10 T-shirt Designs
  • Seamless Patterns Mega Pack 8 – 60 Patterns
  • Mythical Creatures Vector Pack 6 – 6 Vectors
  • Complete Set of Web Ribbons – 51 Ribbons

The bundle deal ends Tuesday, 3rd of April 2012. Hurry up to get it!


The Art of Contrast – Clashing Color Schemes in Website Designs

What catches your eye first when you are opening the website? Of course impressive design in which color contrast plays one of the main parts. Contrast is the secret spice which gives your web project the special touch of uniqueness and individuality. But color contrast is not just the designer tip, it’s also an important tool which should make the page accessible and usable for all visitors. The main principle of the contrast is the visible difference between two or more colors that makes the outstanding effect on the website. The method of clashing color scheme will be really helpful in separation of the header, content area and footer. Actually you can play with the contrast as much as you want, creating new schemes and combinations which will suit your project. But remember that contrast is the special art which demands designer’s skills and good taste. So while choosing the appropriate color contrast theme for your website, it’s quite important to keep in mind all these principles.

Today we offer you the great selection of website templates which are made with effective color contrast design. So check out and use them in creation of your best web projects!

Salut Business Flash Site 8 Template

* * *

Wilson Group Design Joomla 1.5 Template

* * *

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1000 Business Cards for Free from 1800Postcards.com!

Looking for the high-grade creative stuff? 1800Postcards.com offers you an opportunity to win 1000 custom business cards! Don’t miss this great chance to get the fresh goodies from the high-end printing firm.

So, why trust 1800Postcards.com with your design work? The answer is simple – these guys know a thing about working out creative products and printing. All their products feature a strict set of best practices and production quality. Choosing them, you can be sure in their high quality. Custom business cards, brochures, custom flyers, posters, custom postcards, banners, custom stickers – this is the wide range of products that you can find in the gallery of 1800Postcards.com. As you see, they do much more than just business card printing. And you can always find everything you need to support your business in the catalogue offered by this company.

The Giveaway

Winning the 1000 Free Custom Business Cards is easy… Just click on the “Participate” widget below and leave a brief comment on this post tell why you should win. 2 winners will be selected. Only US residents are eligible. Winners will be announced April 6th.

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All-Purpose Goodies: Best Free Photoshop Patterns

Spring is the high time of refreshment and renovation, so we think it would be quite useful and interesting for you to have a look at some effective Free Photoshop patterns to renew your designs. Well, it’s rather important to make the right choice of the background and find the necessary pattern which will perfectly fit your design and will correspond to your needs. Basically, you can use certain Photoshop pattern tiling it multiply. That could be one of the main aspects in building the professional web project as it will not only cover the page, but also give the special thematical coloring to the design. That’s why we prepared for you this great selection of free Photoshop patterns created to show you really big variety of different ornaments and images. Each pattern here has its own definite texture, color scheme and style which perform its beauty and uniqueness. Find your favorite one!


* * *

Vintage Retro Grunge Wallpaper Patterns

* * *

Bamboo Pattern

* * *

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Fresh Free Icon Sets

Here is another compilation of useful stuff for your creative designs, dear readers. This time we are glad to present you Fresh Free Icon Sets created in various styles and colors. The variety of these items offer you a good opportunity to choose the very icon sets you need and that will be ideal for presenting your design in the best possible way. These icons can become handy when you run out of time and need some fresh creative accents to put in your designs. They will help to make the look of your design even more effective and memorable. Enjoy this collection of Fresh Free Icon Sets and find the ones you need among them!

Free Icon Sets
Free Icon Sets
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Creative Typography Based Website Templates

Typography aspect is not only the technique of arranging the text, but also a very effective and necessary tool which is being used in web design for the purpose of underlining and emphasizing the text. No doubt, typography can be one of the main elements for grabbing people’s attention and awaken their interest towards the subject. It’s interesting to mention that typography has many peculiarities including the font type, set width, line length and spacing, tracking and kerning. But usually readers don’t notice those features; they subconsciously perceive the final visual text and see the result of the type design on the website.

Digitization of typography is created a new stage of its developing and now typography is widely used not only in the paper industry, but also in the web design. Professional designers know very well that to create a website with a top-notch design they should also pay attention to the typography aspect, especially on the front page design and within navigation menu. The homepage of the website should strike the eye of the readers by its design, images and of course by the unique and unusual font and text style. Upon looking through the following professional templates from TemplateMonster company you will see that the importance and popularity of typography aspect in web design is out of the question.

We showcase here the most creative typography-based website templates that demonstrate a great influence of the typography on the whole visual appearance of the website.

Gorgeous Business Joomla 2.5 Template

* * *

Corpotex Business Consulting CSS Full Site Flash 8 Template

* * *

Dexter Design Full JS Animated Template

* * *

Charity Full JS Animated Template

* * *

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Creative Stickers. Designs for Your Inspiration

When it comes to the promotion of your products, stickers can be of a great use. It will not cost you a lot to create the colorful Creative Stickers depicting your business ideas in effective way and present it to your customers. Besides, they can be cool decorative elements that will help you bring the catchy tone to whatever surface you need. Using them, you can support political campaigns and various promos, create party favors and label the gifts. Hope that this collection of Creative Stickers will inspire you for your own creative works.



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