All-Purpose Goodies: Best Free Photoshop Patterns

Spring is the high time of refreshment and renovation, so we think it would be quite useful and interesting for you to have a look at some effective Free Photoshop patterns to renew your designs. Well, it’s rather important to make the right choice of the background and find the necessary pattern which will perfectly fit your design and will correspond to your needs. Basically, you can use certain Photoshop pattern tiling it multiply. That could be one of the main aspects in building the professional web project as it will not only cover the page, but also give the special thematical coloring to the design. That’s why we prepared for you this great selection of free Photoshop patterns created to show you really big variety of different ornaments and images. Each pattern here has its own definite texture, color scheme and style which perform its beauty and uniqueness. Find your favorite one!


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Vintage Retro Grunge Wallpaper Patterns

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Bamboo Pattern

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Fresh Free Icon Sets

Here is another compilation of useful stuff for your creative designs, dear readers. This time we are glad to present you Fresh Free Icon Sets created in various styles and colors. The variety of these items offer you a good opportunity to choose the very icon sets you need and that will be ideal for presenting your design in the best possible way. These icons can become handy when you run out of time and need some fresh creative accents to put in your designs. They will help to make the look of your design even more effective and memorable. Enjoy this collection of Fresh Free Icon Sets and find the ones you need among them!

Free Icon Sets
Free Icon Sets
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Creative Typography Based Website Templates

Typography aspect is not only the technique of arranging the text, but also a very effective and necessary tool which is being used in web design for the purpose of underlining and emphasizing the text. No doubt, typography can be one of the main elements for grabbing people’s attention and awaken their interest towards the subject. It’s interesting to mention that typography has many peculiarities including the font type, set width, line length and spacing, tracking and kerning. But usually readers don’t notice those features; they subconsciously perceive the final visual text and see the result of the type design on the website.

Digitization of typography is created a new stage of its developing and now typography is widely used not only in the paper industry, but also in the web design. Professional designers know very well that for achieving success in the building of a top-notch website they should also pay attention to the typography aspect, especially on the front page design and within navigation menu. The homepage of the website should strike the eye of the readers by its design, images and of course by the unique and unusual font and text style. Upon looking through the following professional templates from TemplateMonster company you will see that the importance and popularity of typography aspect in web design is out of the question.

We showcase here the most creative typography-based website templates that demonstrate a great influence of the typography on the whole visual appearance of the website.

Gorgeous Business Joomla 2.5 Template

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Corpotex Business Consulting CSS Full Site Flash 8 Template

* * *

Dexter Design Full JS Animated Template

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Charity Full JS Animated Template

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Creative Stickers. Designs for Your Inspiration

When it comes to the promotion of your products, stickers can be of a great use. It will not cost you a lot to create the colorful Creative Stickers depicting your business ideas in effective way and present it to your customers. Besides, they can be cool decorative elements that will help you bring the catchy tone to whatever surface you need. Using them, you can support political campaigns and various promos, create party favors and label the gifts. Hope that this collection of Creative Stickers will inspire you for your own creative works.



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Book Art by Alexander Korzer-Robinson

The old books become masterpieces when this talented artist from Berlin begins working with them. His works feature the books that are carefully cut, page by page, with certain illustrations being cut, pages being split into pieces and the others being removed. The finished work is full of wonderful images that are arranged in the old books. The author himself uses the notion the “inner landscape” when he speaks about his art. Using books, he offers the viewers to dream, think about the world around and to deep into his or her inner world. Let’s dream todether and view this wonderful collection of book art by Alexander Korzer-Robinson.

Book Art by Alexander Korzer-Robinson
Book Art by Alexander Korzer-Robinson
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Text Effect Photoshop Tutorials to Use in 2012

Typography is one more possibility to realize your creative potential, if you pay attention to some hidden messages and certain special meaning it can become clear to your audience thanks to all the artistic manipulations you are going to fulfill. There’s a huge word power that influences our mood and the way we perceive this world, so we cannot ignore the importance of the visual representation. We’ve therefore decided to look through different resources and chose the most attractive and latest Photoshop text effect tutorials that differ in their complexity and style, but you are sure to appreciate their creativity and originality. Use these Photoshop tutorials to create unique and memorable text effects that will become a perfect addition to any type of your composition. Besides, these bright examples could become your huge inspiration and, who knows, maybe you will discover new guidelines for your creativity.

3D Ribbon Wrapped Text Effect

Text Effect Photoshop Tutorials

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Colorful Retro Text Effect

Text Effect Photoshop Tutorials

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Script Compression WordPress Plugins for Better Performance

WordPress plugin directory has tons of useful tools that can do various things, but sometimes it’s hard to find the exact plugin there. That’s why such short roundups like we want to show you today are real time-savers for WordPress users. For WordPress websites the problem of optimization website’s speed and performance is often resolved with the help of various plugins. Mostly these plugins are aimed at optimizing website content, which is very powerful technique, but we should never forget about other aspects of the WordPress CMS. So, here is a collection of WordPress plugins for script compression. These tools will help you solve the performance issue by compressing code or moving important files to one location. We sincerely hope that you’ll find our post useful for you, and it will help you optimize your WordPress website.

JS & CSS Script Optimizer


JS & CSS Script Optimizer combines scripts into the single file, pack them using JavaScript Packer, pack CSS files (remove comments, tabs, spaces, newlines). Helps to speed your WordPress website instantly.

* * *

Script Compressor


This WordPress plugin uses auto-compression for the header and tags. You can always manage the process of compression in the admin page. Besides that it supports editable CSS compression condition.

* * *

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Get Rid of Your Obese Paper Business Card. Get a Transparent One!

Promoting industry tries to be prominent by various possible means, and business cards are not an exception. For dozens of years business cards haven’t changed but still some designs really stand out. Transparent business cards can be referred to those ones who modernize the industry, because the approach in their production makes them stand out in comparison with traditional paper business cards.

Unique business cards can easily modify the way how you promote your business. The ideal way to stand out is to create a unique design that will make your company stand out. Transparent cards are produced from durable, long-lasting materials, and unlike their paper analogues they are waterproof. Showing off your creativity on the card makes the potential client more likely to remember you and your style. If you have a website or an online portfolio, make sure that there is a visual correspondence. To conclude everything said above we made an awesome round up of the most unique designs of transparent business cards. If you’re looking for inspiration, check it out.

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Mario Rayz

Jonathan Smith
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Design Float Invites Guest Authors!

Share your inspirational articles with other designers using our blog space. Here you’ll find the opportunities to share your experience with the audience world wide. And we are waiting for your expert posts on web design related topics.

Your Benefits of Writing for Us:

• Special section after each post with the info about the author as well as the picture
• 1 do follow link to your website and 1 do follow link to the author’s profile on one of the social networks
• Cash award in case your content features extra class
• Social media support to your posts

We have certain requirements for your submitted posts, so read the further information carefully.


Web Design
Everything that deals with graphic design, Photoshop, web design trends etc.
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Posts featuring all the tools that are used to build websites and work with them: HMTL, jQuery, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, MooTools etc.
All the useful information about eCommerce platforms and running your site on them.
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Posts about the latest news of the web design industry with good analysis
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Players, trends, technologies and everything else that deals with the video content
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The useful unique information about web hosting. It can be tips, tutorials and roundups, etc.
Everything you want to share about the new version of HTML. Information about HTML5 will also be accepted.
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We are interested in analytic posts about new photo techniques, photo equipment, tips, etc.


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Need Custom Stickers? Get 100 for free!

The visual appearance is a powerful tool that catches attention of millions. Make your ideas impressive, and you’ll win this attention. 100 Custom Stickers for Free from is what you need to speak about your business effectively.

The way you speak to your clients, effects your successful cooperation with them. To make this process of communication easier and effective, you can always make use of the variety of products from, a high-end printing firm. It offers you high-quality brochures, business cards, flyers, stickers, posters, banners, postcards and pretty much any custom work you need for your growing business. As you see, these creative guys can offer you much more than just sticker printing. Today’s giveaway offers you 100 stickers, and to find other products you need for your business, browse the wide assortment of this company.

The best quality and highest standards are the main principles of That’s why its products are in great demand today. The strict set of best practices and production quality help this company to present you only the highest service level.

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