Cutting-costs in Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography can be fascinating, and a very expensive affair as well. For enthusiasts, few articles talk about how one can reduce costs when dabbling in an activity as rewarding (and at times, frustrating!) as photographing under water. Most will resources over the web will tell you which camera and housing to choose and stop at that.

A complex yet accessible activity, it can demand a great level of investment. However, if you’re looking at cutting costs and making it a relatively cheater act, here’s how you could go ahead with it:

Underwater Photography

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Make your business cards more interesting

In a world saturated with cheap online business cards, how can you make yours more interesting? Add a touch of colour to the edges. By simply adding a coloured edge to your business card, you can turn the ordinary into something striking and worth holding on to.

There are a lot of online printers that will charge you the earth to add colour edges by bonding a coloured sheet into the middle of two white sheets which are then printed and trimmed to size. This in some cases can cost the high hundreds ££!

Thankfully, with a little imagination and 30 minutes of your time, there is a far cheaper way! Just edge paint them. Edge painting is not only cheap, it also produces a bolder coloured edge!

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Why should web designers opt for Reseller Hosting?

If you run a web design company of your own or you are a freelance web designer with handful of regular customers, chances are you might be aware of what Reseller Hosting is and how it can add to growth of your business.

Reseller Hosting

For those who aren’t well versed with it, what exactly is Reseller Hosting?

In Web Hosting terminologies, Reseller Hosting is a type of web hosting service wherein the ‘reseller’ or the account owner breaks up the hosting account into multiple small parts and allocates or ‘sells’ these to his end user customers at a profit. For the end user customers, the reseller acts as a hosting provider as the service including name-servers and control panel can be white labeled and then sold. Read More

Make Your Mood with 40 Bright Facebook Layouts

Once upon a time there was a kingdom. The sun was shining all along. And the inhabitants of that kingdom never saw not only snow, but even cold rain. It was a gorgeous country and an ideal place for life and recreation. Excellent climate, azure ocean, and endless beautiful beaches with golden sand! All the visitors of that magical land of everlasting greenery thought, that it was a paradise! Heaven on earth without any rules and restrictions. It was the only place where they could go at red and stop at green (eating a watermelon). And day by day everything was changing… Their hair was getting lighter, skin – darker, music – louder, nights – longer and their life was getting better:). The days were so hot that even a pig at the beach could say,"Well, probably now I am not a pig anymore – I am bacon!",

People did not have internet there, because they did not really need it. Nobody worked there! And that`s why they all had happy faces and good humor. Every day they organized a lot of celebrations and parties with dances, fun contests and cool beverages with little colorful umbrellas by the pool. Women there were so hot, that even the sun was jealous of them. Those tanned Aphrodites were strolling along the beaches in small bikinis or laying on snow-white loungers with glasses of ice-cold cocktails. And most girls wore dark glasses, so that it was impossible to understand who was fashionable and who was plain and unattractive. They all seemed equally beautiful.

You probably have already guessed the name of this kingdom. It is SUMMER! And every year we all are desperately trying to get there. Techniques and methods are not important. It can be a trip to the sea, a visit to your grandparents or a tour to exotic countries. This is all great! But sometimes it happens that you cannot implement your plans or even have to work:(. And what can you do in such a deplorable situation? There is no use in sitting and crying over your spoiled vacation. The first thing you can do is to awaken a sleeping artist or creative designer inside you and to turn your residence into a piece of summer art. A bunch of flowers and ripe juicy fruit will easily create a bright atmosphere of summer and joy. The second important thing is your look! Summer loves to be met by light and bright clothing and accessories. And finally – smile:). If summer sees your charming smile, it will definitely smile back.

Bright Evergreen Facebook Template

Web Design Facebook Template

Details | Demo

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Responsive Vs Adaptive Web Design – What’s the Difference?

Responsive vs adaptive- it’s a frequent point of confusion that most of the people encounter whenever exposed with web designing concepts and terminologies. Most of the people use both of the terms interchangeably, despite of the fact that they are completely different from each other. While both of the terms have similar goals, but with different approaches. Therefore, it is important for you to understand some point of the differences between the two to help you make an informed choice in your web designing endeavor.

Responsive vs Adaptive Design

In this guide, we will walk you through each and every detail of both of the platforms, as well what they can and cannot do. The comparison between responsive and adaptive web design includes all the fact with respect to how to deal with them and thus help you predict what lies ahead and make it.

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10 Website Design Mistakes That Designers Ignore (But Shouldn’t)

For most people, the first contact they have with a brand and its products and services is through a website. This is the reason why every business needs a well-designed, conversion-friendly site. Such sites can help them stand out from crowd and prove to be revenue boosters.

Quite a few people think a successful website is one that looks visually appealing, but a website that looks nice is only a part of the equation. There are many other factors and design elements essential to make an effective website.

web keywords cloud

Haven’t we all come across a site that is gorgeously designed but lacks a thing or two? At the same time, we do come across some sites that are just plain looking but attract huge amounts of traffic because of their flow, content quality, loading speed and the way they are organized. This goes to show visuals are not everything.

To design an effective website, there are some truly basic things that every designer should know. There are tons of articles on the Internet that can help even an amateur designer create an effective website. Most of these articles put great stress on certain important design elements; unfortunately many designers forget about these elements or make mistakes while implementing them.

Let us look at things that are generally ignored by web designers while designing a site:

1. Web Design That Doesn’t Fit Business Objective or Target Audience

Every business website is designed to achieve some specific goal. It is crucial that a website is designed in such a way that it support’s a company’s business and marketing objectives. The design should not be distracting and the content should deliver the right message to your customers. A web designer must design a site that caters to the needs of the client as well as the target audience.

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Best WordPress functions – To Start WordPress Theme Development

WordPress themes come in default and are also developed with new implementations. Before using these themes one must know everything about WordPress functions that go on to develop the themes. There are a wide range of functionalities that need to be known to move forward with the development processes. Needs for projects must be known to develop functions. There are some common WordPress functions that meet the requirement of theme developments.


Custom avatar

Bloggers and people posting comments on blogs usually have online avatars. Default avatars are available and customized avatar designs can be defined as well. In order to make a function work one must check whether the function exists. Wherever a function exists a filter is added in WordPress to implement a custom avatar instead of an existing default avatar. WordPress is asked to find the custom avatar in the images directory that resides within the theme directory. The last step is to create the image and upload it in “images” folder. The codes provided below must be included in functions.php in order to acquire accustom avatar:

if ( !function_exists(‘cake_addgravatar’) ) {
function cake_addgravatar( $avatar_defaults ) {
$myavatar = get_template_directory_uri() . ‘/images/avatar.png’;
$avatar_defaults[$myavatar] = ‘avatar’;
return $avatar_defaults;
add_filter( ‘avatar_defaults’, ‘cake_addgravatar’ );

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Top50 Most Attractive CMS Themes

Top rated themes are selected to make your search for a perfect template for your website even more comfortable and effortless. Instead of spending hours of surfing the Internet and checking out numerous websites, it’s more practical to have a look at top best themes, which are already picked out among thousands of others by the professional analysis. So, is there any sense in wasting precious time for a search instead of devoting it to prosperity of your business and taking advantage out of it?

Let’s consider what makes any types of products be bestsellers? What makes one thing be distinguished from others of the similar group? What are the factors, which are taken into account, that make the marked difference? First of all, the quality is the thing that matters. If a product is not of high quality, then its other features shouldn’t even be looked at. The next essential factor for a product to be a bestseller is its convenience in usage and application, in other words the quality of the content. The very core should correspond to the basic tasks it is bought for. And the last, but not the least point is product’s look, its visual attractiveness. Interesting, creative and unusual things are always preferred over boring, dull and commonplace ones.

The top rated templates which are displayed below possess all the features which are significant for bestsellers. The overall impression of these top rated themes is about to leave no grain of doubt that they are the top best themes. High quality, convenience and easiness in navigation and appealing look (which is achieved by the appropriate choice of color scheme, images and font) are the essential characteristics of the given templates. Moreover, there is always an opportunity to make any theme more personal and unique by adding some transformations. Now it’s time to decide which of these top rated themes is best for you.

Mouse Click: Responsive WordPress Theme

IT Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

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Infographic: Twitter Bootstrap – A Futuristic Framework for the Dictates of the Present

Mark Otto (@mdo) and Jacob Thornton (@fat) released Twitter Bootstrap to the world in August 2011, since then this powerful framework has been creating waves in the web development arena. With provision for a high level of customization and interactivity in websites, this mobile first framework is smooth, intuitive and quick.

Owing to its ability to create websites and web applications in a quick, easy and efficient manner it has found many takers, from the top 1 million sites around 28,784 sites utilize Twitter Bootstrap. With its numerous tools useful for web related creations this framework’s popularity has been surging ever since its launch. And with users asking for higher levels of interactivity, speed and engagement in websites and web applications Twitter Bootstrap’s usage is bound to grow.

Here are some reasons why this framework is a preferred choice amongst developers:

(1) It offers a huge array of web applications like carousels, accordions and more in its UI library
(2) It provides stylish typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation and a lot more
(3) Unlike other frameworks, it offers all the 3 key aspects of a UI i.e. HTML, CSS and JS, which makes it a complete web development framework in every aspect
(4) It is cross browser and device compatible
(5) It is available on gifthub as an open source
(6) It supports HTML5 and CSS3

Yet not convinced that this neat framework is worth adapting? Reconsider your stand after viewing this infographic – “Twitter Bootstrap – It’s all About Stepping into the Right Boots!” by Webby Monks. This infographic will tell you all about the features, best practices and considerations associated to Twitter Bootstrap.

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What Makes Titanium Framework Ideal For New Players In App Development

Whether you have most talented developers under your roof or not, your startup company will need a robust framework to make strives for business success.

There are numerous factors that are required to be considered while creating an advanced application. Mobile applications often become a big challenge even for the well-versed developers. As they are required to focus on several aspects of mobile app development. However, a proficient framework and development tools can definitely help them accomplish the task with utmost precision and efficiency.

If you are looking for the most efficient framework for developing applications, Appcelerator Titanium is the much sought after IT platform that facilitates native app development across several mobile devices. It helps organizations attain significant competitive benefit with a more convenient and speedy approach. It has been observed that more than 500,000 developers have registered these platforms and it has been deployed in over 74 thousand mobile apps and has become a viable choice for innumerable mobile developers.

Titanium Framework

Titanium Framework: A Foreword

This web based mobile framework is an open-source framework that facilitates mobile app development via a single JavaScript codebase. It supports multiple mobile platforms including Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS, Tizen and Windows phone. The Apache licensed SDK is the core component that makes it stand apart from the crowd and helps deliver amazing benefits to the developers.

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