40 Unique Map and Navigation Icons – Exclusive Freebie

You don’t want to get lost, do you? Especially if you really have to be somewhere important. That’s why, our friends at Vecteezy put together another amazing freebie to help you navigate smoothly: 40 Map and Navigation Icons. This great freebie package will not let you get lost in the web design world!


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Beginners Luck: Designing Your Own Site as a Home Based Business Owner


Creating a well-designed website can take a lot of time, money and effort for small and large businesses alike. After all, a good website isn’t just about slapping together some flashy graphics and cool colors. Most companies have their own division that works on the development and on-going maintenance of a site. If you’re an average home-based business owner, however, you most likely will have to do all of the designing, maintaining and analyzing yourself all while keeping costs low. So, how can your site compete with those created by professionals? It doesn’t have to, but there are some unique challenges that you might face.

Building trust

The biggest benefit of a running your business from home is also one of its biggest detriments: there’s no physical location your customers can visit. They can’t actually inspect your product in person nor are they guaranteed that an order they place will actually arrive. While an increased amount of consumers are making their purchases online, 94 percent of Americans do not trust the Internet. This means building trust is essential to acquiring and retaining visitors.

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50 Premium Medical Themes: WordPress vs Joomla

When we’re looking for an appropriate medical template, one might think of different qualities it should have, but the key ones remain the same. The given top 50 medical templates have all the necessary features and qualities of a successful template and will be able to increase the amount of your website visitors significantly.

These medical templates can be a great basis for any possible medical online services. Hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, portfolios for doctors, dentists, surgeons and much, much more can be represented with the help of these great-looking and easy-to-use health templates. So let’s look at some of their features.


The moment we take a glance at a health template we have to realize that this is exactly the company we want to trust one of the most valued things in life – our health.

A high-quality medical template points at just the same high-quality services, so people can be sure that they are entrusting their lives to professionals.


Certainly, a sleek and glamorous homepage only, is a little advantage if we omit such equally important feature as user-friendliness and usability.

All the medical WordPress themes in this collection provide an intuitive navigation experience, making it possible to access any necessary category in a blink of an eye.

Responsive Design

Today we can access the Internet via different devices and platforms. But using for example a smartphone, we’d like to scroll and navigate with just the same easiness as using a common PC. So here comes the responsive design.

Thanks to developers, all the medical WordPress themes now have the responsive design features, so no matter what device you use, it all goes with smooth and ease.

SEO Optimization

The HTML code of the medical templates is written with Search Engine Optimization in mind. This will help your website to have high ranking search results, which correspondingly will increase your site traffic and the flow of visitors.

Fully Customizable

One more feature of these top50 medical templates is that they are fully customizable, so you can adjust them any way possible. Change font types, background images, menu options and other layout aspects. For those who want everything done quickly, the default color-schemes are available.

But the important thing is that you don’t need to have specific computer skills to adjust your template. You are free to try and experiment to create a truly unique and original theme for your website.

Medical Care For Everyone WordPress Template

Medical WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

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How to Test Your Responsive Designs?

Getting responsive websites is becoming the trend of the season. If your website is not accessible on mobile devices your business may get flop. The present scenario says that a person can live without anything but not without his smart phone. With the advent of smart phones in the world every single thing starting from buying a pencil to buying a car; you can do it using your smart phone sitting in any corner of the world. Isn’t it great?

Approximately 90% of today’s generation buy things online, if not buy then at least browse things online. It would be great if they are visiting your website for a particular product they desire. But for this it is crucial for you to make your website a responsive one. Now when your website is responsive how will you come to know that it is working equally well on smart phones as on the desktop? This is a thing that requires a serious thought. Well no need to worry.


Here in this post we are discussing some very useful online tools that will help you in analysing your website’s reports on different smart devices.

1. ResponsiveTest

This is an open source website checking tool that will help you to find out how your website will fit into the various screen sizes. Responsive Test supports various smart devices like BlackBerry, iPhone, Samsung mobile phones, Laptops from Dell and lots more. Use this tool for finding out the page layout of your website.

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4 Web Design Elements That Help You Sell the Products on Your Online Store

All eCommerce store owners know sales are the key to business growth. The best way to increase sales for your store is to have the right marketing strategies. There are basically two key elements of online marketing. The first is to drive traffic to your website and the second is converting this traffic into customers.

You can have thousands of visitors coming to your online store, but in the absence of conversions, these visitors bring no benefit to your business. It is the design and layout of eCommerce sites that determines whether customers are lured-in or driven away. The success of your online store mainly depends on its product pages. These pages should provide relevant information to potential buyers and motivate them to become your customers.

Here is a list of web design elements that have direct influence on conversions:

1. Product Photos


One of the simplest ways for an eCommerce store to boost sales is to offer high-quality images of all its products. Big high-resolution images not only help present the product beautifully, but also grab and hold visitor attention. Research shows larger product images increase sales by 9%.

Integrate beautiful images of products to make your eCommerce store more appealing and alluring for consumers. Since online visitors can’t try things on or test them out, provide a clear and accurate view of products. You can use the zoom feature for all your products so that visitors can see the product in minute detail.

Greats does an excellent job of showing its products with high-quality imagery and offers features like dynamic zooming, diverse angles, color variations, and context view to enhance user experience. It also offers 360 degree rotating views of the product.

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Top-notch Mageto Themes to Boggle Your Mind

If you own a Magento store and want to establish a strong online presence then chances are pretty good that you must be looking for some catching themes or templates that can revamp the overall look and feel of your online store besides your other marketing efforts. Having a right theme is crucial for a website because it helps in bridging the gap between you and your customers and give them confidence when deciding whether deal or not to deal with you.

Now, having a right theme is easier than you think. Luckily, Magento offers a rich collection of themes both paid and free that will make your store look professional and trendy. Since, you don’t want customers leave your store just because it looks fishy or cheap, it’s recommended to spend some quality time browsing best Magento templates and make your online store grow.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss about all the latest Magento themes that will help you build your brand value.

1. Progressive Premium Responsive Magento Theme


Progressive Premium is a beautiful theme that looks professional and contemporary. It’s a responsive theme, so you don’t have to be worried about its performance on other devices. The theme provides you options for setting menus, pages, galleries and everything that’s crucial for maintaining the performance of your online store.

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3 Free Design Software Alternatives for Beginners

free design software

The price of software alone is enough to deter you from pursuing a career in the digital media field, with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop running as high as 700$ each. But fear not, there are powerful alternatives to get you up and running, and they’re all free.


Let’s face it; Photoshop isn’t the easiest or the cheapest way to get into graphic design. There are several alternatives to Photoshop that are free like Pixlr, Paint.NET, and more. But the software that really stands out to me is GIMP. This software is completely free to use and is updated constantly. It also provides support in several languages and has numerous features that can also be found in Photoshop. Tasks like enhancing or retouching are made easy with this software.

You can export your images to several different extensions as well, including the most popular .png, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg and if hard drive space is an issue, it will export and compress files into .zip, .bz., and .gz as well. Probably my favorite feature though, is being able to manipulate windows to create an environment you feel comfortable to work in; you can move the tools windows freely.

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Myths that Represent Everything that’s Wrong With Web-Designing Perceptions

Sometimes, you end up making a lot of false web-designing assumptions that are meant to be repented and repaired at some point in near future. And then there are myths (or should I say misconceptions?) that are galore in the web designing realm.

A technology genre that keeps welcoming new blood every fortnight also happens to be filled with ideations that range from innovative to meritless to downright ridiculous. If you have got your basic concepts in Internet design right, you have a perfect instrument for setting higher goals and getting to them with an envious ease. If, however, you have already fallen to the following web design myths, it’s time to introspect and take a long, hard look at the lack of results you are suffering from, because of the numerous fallacies adopted by you:

A Design that Overwhelms is a Design that Impresses. Unfailingly.

“Not necessarily” should be the simplest rebut to the above claim. The designs with overwhelmingly rich colors may not be the ideal recipe for impressing your users, since such designs come with a lot of baggage. While they may have all the colors and patterns to leave a lasting impression on your visitors, where they may be off the mark is the responsive attribute, and the fact that they go a long way in hampering the speed of your website by lowering it by several notches.


For what it’s worth, web design should be visually appealing, but if that visual appeal is coming in the way of user-experience, in regards to how the website loads on their browsers and mobile screens, the richness of the design is hardly serving a purpose. Getting the balance right is important and while you aim to create beguiling designs, keep in mind that your visitors are using different OS platforms and even mobile devices that have much smaller screen sizes.

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Sure Shot Mantra to Design a Successful Ecommerce Website

Designing a simple website is somehow easy but when it comes to designing an eCommerce website it is a bit complex. I would not say that it is difficult but it is a little complicated as compared to a simple website. In such websites there are chances that your web designer could make some mistakes related to designing and usability of the website. When you are dealing with multiple products and you want to sell your products your website needs to be user friendly and should be able to promote your products efficiently. There are a number of factors that should be taken care of for designing a successful eCommerce website.


So if you are planning to design an eCommerce website for your business, here we are discussing some crucial points that you might want to inculcate into your website design. Create an excellent eCommerce store with the following points.

1. Keep the design simple yet effective

You must have heard of a saying ‘Simplicity is best’. People are so overloaded into their daily routine that they do not want to enter into the complex world. Their lives are already very complex so they do not dare to face the same thing again. Well the point here is keep the design of your website very simple so that accessing through the products and pages should be easy for any visitor. If you keep the product reach easy and simple your website automatically will become effective.

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Custom Online Design Software To Increase Business For Your E-store

Personalization & customization are the vital aspects of online design software that cater a myriad of advantages and provide the dreamed shopping experience. With relevant use of personalize techniques, the conversion rate of product design tool is boosting by 70%, but the the cost of ad campaign is reducing by around 50%. Keeping this fair ratio in mind, no one can deny the momentousness of personalized technique now in the realm of eCommerce store marketing. Delivering the best shopping experience to the customers has become the prime demand of every business. If you are a merchant and want to deliver this experience to their valuable customers, then adopt personalization technique, it will also help you maintain long-lasting relationships with them.

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A glimpse At Those Factors of Online Design Software That Can Aid You To Personalized E-commerce Store

Get An Edge In Competitive World

The scale of e-commerce is highly broad, yet it offers various substantial values to become a business stand out or distinguish from the competitors. The best efforts are required to get a renowned position and compete with the competitors, especially those, who are in same domain and dealing with the similar products/services. By using personalization tools for e-stores, one can create an attractive e-commerce store to distinguish it from the competitors and take the advantages. To meet this aim, online design tool will facilitate you to personalize the designs according to suit the products’ personality. Whether you own a business of shoes, t-shirt, greeting cards, banner, label or something else, online design tool will let your end-users make the design unique in accordance with the taste.

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