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Times changed and age of massive home libraries passed. No, it doesn’t mean people have lost appetite for knowledge – the thing is the form of getting information has become different. Nowadays nearly the whole Babylon library can be placed in a small piece of plastic. Instead of accumulating heap of paper all of us (maybe, except some literary geeks) download files and use e-book devices for comfortable reading.

However, for web designer the first library is jQuery. This useful software is developed to ease the client-side scripting of HTML. Of course this JavaScript library doesn’t mean collection of books, but in case you would like to master it, you’ll need to gather a certain jQuery library meaning the original one. The books I offer to check below should become a starting point for jQuery cognition. All of them are totally free and can be downloaded in no time.

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jQuery for Dummies

If you are starting from zero, this book is exactly what you need to check. Easy-to-read jQuery for Dummies acquaints a beginner programmer with basic about developing a website with the help of jQuery.

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jQuery Fundamentals

This fresh e-book is more advanced than the previous one. The value is increased by a plenty of practical examples. The authors concentrated on the way of resolving the most common problems that could occur while using jQuery.

* * *

Learning jQuery, 3rd Edition

One more must-read jQuery guide for inexperienced programmers. The book carries an advantage of calling attention to specific client-side issues and offering the spacious solutions for them.

* * *

Essential JavaScript & jQuery Design Patterns

The author reveals the mystery of working with jQuery design patterns. Except the book itself you would download printable design pattern sheets and design pattern reference cards in one pack. The materials are constantly updated due to actual changes.

* * *

jQuery Mobile: Up and Running

Handheld devices recently became rather popular, not less than personal computers. Considering the importance of the subject the author provides with a guide for novice mobile programmer. With this book you’ll be able to learn how to build applications and create responsive interfaces for smartphones and tablets using jQuery.

* * *

Pro jQuery Mobile

This book would allow you to deepen your knowledge about the mobile programming. You’ll need just jQuery to create your own brilliant apps for different mobile operation systems such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and others.

* * *

jQuery Tools UI Library

Intelligible guide for beginners, which teaches to use such handy jQuery UI tools as Overlay, Scrollable, Tabs and Tooltips. The book includes a lot of interesting illustrations and samples of code.

* * *

jQuery UI

Controlling interfaces means to build communication with the user. This book would assist in improving your jQuery UI skills. But warning: it’s full of difficult coding, which is not recommended to start with for amateurs.

* * *

Pro PHP and jQuery

The book is aimed for programmers who endeavor to level up in developing applications by means of jQuery and PHP. The author also focuses on both PHP and jQuery techniques in particular.

* * *

jQuery Cookbook

Nineteen experts present their practical developments of different difficulty stages. Understanding of leading examples would definitely extend the borders of your proficiency and show new ways for further improvement.

* * *

In conclusion, I strongly advise not to forget that even little practice gives more concrete result than tons of theory in your head. Books are needful just for growth of your real productivity. So, read – and go to arms!
Also I would be glad to see the jQuery-themed books you favorited most in the comments comments.

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