20 Fresh Free jQuery Content Slider Scripts and Tutorials

At present jQuery sliders are frequently used on all stylish contemporary websites. Such popularity is absolutely reasonable as the technique lets you cram different content into one limited area, thereby saving precious space on the web page and raising user’s interest. Implementation of jQuery slider on your website will immediately improve its appearance, interactivity, dynamics and user experience as a corollary. Among all slider types, the given one is highly appreciated by web developers for the simplicity of its usage and multiple transition effects available to choose from, i.e.: ken burns effect, squares, fade, parallax effect, basic linear, responsive slider, circular animation, swipe, animated caption and many others.

It’s rather difficult to define particular website categories, where jQuery sliders are applied the most often. Whenever you need to showcase images, articles, products or featured content and avoid messy layout – jQuery slider is able to cope with the issue in the beautiful elegant way.

If you are looking for impressive slider to fit your next project, this collection of 20 best recent jQuery scripts and tutorials will help you make up your mind. All of them won’t cost you a cent as they are free and ready to fascinate your visitors with excellent slideshows!

How to Build an iOS-Style Content Slider using jQuery

This tutorial will teach you build the iosSlider plugin. It includes typical animations and effects on click or hover as well as dynamic text.

Parallax Content Slider with CSS3 and jQuery

Here is a simple parallax content slider. Using CSS animations, you’ll get the opportunity to control animation of each single element and create a parallax effect by animating the background.

3D Gallery with CSS3 and jQuery

Here you see an experimental 3D gallery that uses CSS 3D transforms. The idea lies in creation of circular gallery with one image in the center and two on the sides. Due to the involved perspective, the two lateral images appear three dimensional when you rotate them.

Responsive jQuery Content Slider with Animation – bxslider

bxslider is a fully responsive jQuery Slider Plugin that allows you create a content slider which can contain images, video, or HTML content.


Skitter is a jQuery Slider that uses your unordered list to create beautiful animated slider.

Flux Slider

Flux slider is a CSS3 animation based image transition framework, created with the aim to use hardware acceleration to improve performance on less powerful devices, like mobiles & tablets.

Coin Slider

Try nice Coin Slider, a jQuery Image Slider with unique effects.

Full Screen Responsive jQuery Image and Content Slider: RSlider

RSlider is for guys who have no advanced programming skills. In fact it’s a full screen responsive image and content slider powered by jQuery.

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  • orange county web designer
    March 12, 2013

    Great list of useful slider. The tutorials are simple to follow. Thanks for sharing.

  • antisocial designs
    May 16, 2013

    Smooth Div Scroll is probably my favorite out of these. Probably because it’s close to what I was looking for, so with limited tweaking I should be able to get what I need out of it. Thank you so much for the list here!

  • Lại Đình Cường
    May 16, 2014

    Nivo Slider costs 29$ for single license

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