Gamers? Check These 5 Best Gamer Sites in Terms of Their Design

Times of a stereotype that video games for kids, teenagers or fat no-lifers have passed. Now it’s usual when company of adult people gathers to make tournament in Mortal Combat for example. No one wonders when some guy spends evening with his girlfriend playing xBox.

Game industry is a strong power in the capitalist world. Garnter informs the interest to video games will grow 27% every year and consumption will reach the point of $112,163 million by 2015 (source). With the increasing popularity of handheld devices plenty of mobile games are released, so every smartphone user can be with his favorite game 24/7. Also we shouldn’t forget about online games, which are a precious escapist hobby for many people.

Of course web designers couldn’t ignore this important sphere of human life, especially considering significant portion of them adore games. The themes for gamer websites are developed with love and understanding. Don’t believe? Okay. Let me prove this by demonstrating the 5 most appealing gamer websites.

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If you would like to make your gamer website as visually attractive as the the aforementioned ones, you ought to check here.

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It’s the third most popular gamer website, and I can undoubtedly state that one of the main features that lead 1UP to web success is the outstanding design. The interface is friendly: various content is structured in suitable way, so there is no need to concentrate deeply in order to find the information needed.

The website carries its own karma system, which is a good course for strengthening user connection with this resource and other users. And if you are in the system it’s so easy to watch the life of 1UP community with the help of the special auto-refreshing widget, which shows all the activity on the site.

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The first thing I noticed is a fresh solution on the navigation bar, where all the topic are visualized by means of icons: Mobile for for mobile games, Xbox controller for Xbox games, mouse for PC games and so on. The look of the website is quite pretty due to orange elements. Then, Joystiq offers a quotation related to game industry – brilliant invention – anyway, I’ve never seen anything like that before.

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The background exploits trending fashionable minimalist conception of white space. The position of the social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter immediately attracts attention and play a role of call-to-action sign, asking the users to share and follow. I believe this contributed to increasing of GameSpot popularity: together with IGN GameSpot is the most visited gamers website on the web.

The 2 interchangeable color themes enable to satisfy the aesthetic taste of wider range of visitors (as you can see from the screenshot, I prefer the darker style). One more thing I want to pay your attention on is an original logo: splashy, positive, simple and memorable.

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I like the structure of the articles position imitating Pinterest board most. You don’t need to open the article if you want to leave a comment or to share content on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (nevertheless, you would have to register and login or connect with your Facebook account). Social media sharing is available even for pictures on the top. The footer is liquidated from the main page, but can show up after clicking on “More Info”. You can scroll down searching for info forever, however, back-to-top button would immediately return you to the header.

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GameZone includes all the best elements needed on a gamers website, neither more nor less: the slider showing the latest new in the gamer world, the list of top games, huge social media buttons, the search bar, handy content area etc.

Kinda futurist style and metallic logo makes the design exquisite in geeky way. That’s incredible, but fact: GameZone offers its own mobile app, which you can download and enjoy this wonderful website on your smartphone.

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