7 Blog Promotion Tips that Every Blogger Needs to Follow

Promoting the blog across digital windows is as challenging as it gets. Amateur bloggers mistakenly believe it’d be easy.

The Internet is littered with blogs. Why should someone come to your blog instead of another’s?

Remember, creating a website and setting up a blog takes only few minutes. The real difficulty starts with promoting it.

Blog promotion is all about giving readers the reasons to come and visit your blog and stay there for long. But most bloggers fail to pull it off. As a result, they couldn’t grow their blog’s reader-base or monetize it.

In this article, I’ll lay down blog promotion tips. So, keep reading.

#Tip 1: Simple content

The content shouldn’t be esoteric. Avoid using jargons. If you use a terminology, explain it in subsequent lines, so that no ambiguity arises. The majority of readers are naive people; they prefer content in familiar language. Content that’s simple and easy-to-understand gets shared more on social media.

Simplicity is one thing, grammatical inaccuracy is another. A piece of content being simple doesn’t mean it should have grammatical flaws. Bear in mind bad grammar is killing the brands. Correct grammar attracts readers. Use grammar software and blogging tools to steer the content clear of style, sentence formation and punctuation errors.

#Tip 2: Work on readability

Readability refers to comfort or difficulty faced by readers at the time of reading the content. Readability supplements simplicity. There’s a mathematical model corresponding readability.

It is called the Flesch–Kincaid model and presented as (Total words / total sentences) – (total syllables / total words)

Any content that scores high according to the Flesch–Kincaid model has typically 5000 characters in it, along with 1200 words, 44-60 sentences and 11-22 words per sentence.

Such content scores high and falls somewhere in the middle of fifth graders (0) and college graduates (30), which is an ideal readability score.

To improve the readability quotient, write for an audience that’s neither school-goers nor belong to the extremely erudite segment.

#Tip 3: Build an email list

List building is an important aspect of blog promotion. What benefits does list building bring?

It’s difficult to identify the visitors who come to your blog every once in a while. But at the same time, identifying them is critical to grow your blog’s reader-base. Most blogging sites show repeat visitors pop-up windows for sign-up. But that doesn’t cut it for them because of the following reasons:

  • There’s no personalization. Visitor A gets the same message that visitor B gets. For list building, you need to draft personalized messages.
  • Your site identifies visitors via their IP addresses. This identification process is not personalized.

The secret to email list building is meaningful interaction with visitors. Convince them that subscribing to your site will benefit them. Add social plugins to the comment posting section so that someone could comment while logged in to his social networking account.

Alongside, make the newsletter subscription notification box considerably large. Instead of the mundane “Subscribe to Newsletters” put some catchy texts, so visitors feel motivated to subscribe.

#Tip 4: Interlink powerful posts

Link those posts that have received the most number of social shares, likes and visits. Those posts are power stations of your blog that can supercharge your promotional efforts.

The benefits of interlinking are endless. The biggest benefit is the increased visitor retention rate. Blogs that interlink previous most-read posts report a better retention rate compared to blogs that don’t.

There are some rules of thumb when it comes to interlinking. The rules include:

  • Hyperlinked texts should be relevant and semantically close to the theme of the post.
  • The introductory part is crucial. The first two paragraphs in the beginning should have links to two powerful previous posts.
  • Similar to linking out, the phrase being hyperlinked and the landing page should have semantic resemblance.

Interlinking can create a funnel effect on visitors, leading them to subscribe to newsletter.

#Tip 5: Post types

It’s the era of content marketing. Nothing can promote your blog better than individual blog posts that you make live on the site. If the posts belong to any of the following categories, then you’ll have an easy time promoting the blog:

How-to posts: These posts are written as if like case studies. The author presents a problem, offers an effective solution and then advice on how to adopt the solution.

Listicles: Top ten or top seven posts fall into this category. Such posts are immensely popular for having numbered titles and presenting everything in a neat fashion.

Videos and podcasts: While you can add podcasts to a blog post, videos are better standalone. Vlog is extremely popular and many are choosing it over blog. The best thing about multimedia content is it is self-explanatory. Armed with audio and visuals, you can explain something better.

A blog that features interesting content in the said formats enjoys SEO benefits and also wins love of readers.

#Tip 6: Tinker with format

You can take your blog beyond the website. All you need to do is change the format. Readers have gotten bored with visiting a site and reading the blog there. Feel free to do something more creative, such as:

  • Convert the blog posts into .pdf files and share those files across sites. Case studies mostly have .pdf file format. So when you share .pdf files all across the web, the content gains more traction than a mere blog post. It joins the rank of case studies and white papers.
  • You can create PPT files and share those files across various networks including Slideshare, Slideboom, Sliderocket, 280 Slides, Prezi, Empressor, etc. Slides have visual elements to them and are short and concise. They can outpass blogs in terms of popularity.

Put simply, tinkering with content format can allow you to unleash your creative self and get more visitors.

#Tip 7: Influencer marketing

For blog promotion, influencer marketing is highly effective. Influencer marketing is an umbrella term, which includes guest posting, networking and content curation.

First, identify an industry influencer. Next, build rapport with him or straightway ask him to promote your blog in exchange of similar favor. Or else, you could take his interview and publish it on your blog.

Influencers have great follower base on social media. They can share the interview post on their timeline or Twitter feed. It’ll give an excellent visibility to your site.

Curate content from the influencer. This will build your authority as a blogger and your readership will increase.


Blog promotion becomes easy when you follow the right tips. The seven tips shared here are for dummies. Following them can promote your blog and increase your reach as a blogger among the readers.

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