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Developers from all over the world contribute by grains to the endless process of web enhancement. Due to their efforts, our everyday visits to the net are so comfortable, pleasant, and resultant. No one can deny the fact that open source stuff is really helpful when it comes to perfection, as the whole community can contribute to the cause. We believe that designers will be happy to hear that from now there are more reliable places to get beautiful quality fonts absolutely free!

The essence of the matter is that the efficient cooperation of Adobe and Google teams led to Adobe Edge Web Fonts generation. Adobe Edge Web Fonts is a free font service powered by Typekit.

Typekit is a web font service from Adobe that provides access to a library of commercial web fonts from the world’s best workshops, which is guarantees browser compatibility, velocity, and consistency. Edge Web Fonts is one of Adobe’s Edge Tools & Services providing access to the vast library of fonts you need for your website.

All of them can be used for free for an infinite period of time. Working with Edge Web Fonts you can use your preferred kit or Adobe tools like Edge Code and Adobe Muse, where the service is already integrated. Soon it will be available in Edge Reflow and other Edge Tools & Services. You can find detailed instructions on how to use the service and preview the best fonts on

It’s worth mentioning that subsequent updates and optimizations are coming, precise attention is paid to better fonts rendering at small sizes.

The paramount goal of Edge Web Fonts is to improve the web by means of enabling more web font adoption. So try the service, use it in your web projects and in your WordPress themes in order to make your own judgment regarding its practical features.

Please have a look at some amazing free fonts from the Adobe Edge Web Fonts collection.


Sofia Adobe Fonts

Neue Aachen

Neue Aachen Adobe Fonts


Abolition Adobe Fonts


Avory Adobe Fonts

FF Uberhand

FF Uberhand Adobe Fonts


Sophisto Adobe Fonts


Elfreth Adobe Fonts


Cafeteria Adobe Fonts

Hobo Std

Hobo Adobe Fonts


Fairway Adobe Fonts
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