Art by Kyle Bean. Handmade Stuff

Add your creativity to the trivial stuff that is to be found around you, and you’ll get the cool artworks. If you don’t believe in it, have a look at the creative art by Kyle Bean, the artist from Brighton who specialises in handmade models. The extraordinarily detailed works from his portfolio impress with their originality and novelty. Here you can find various sculptures that are rendered in soft materials, cardboard, pieces of meccano, portraits made of shaving, etc. These hand crafted models are really stunning and you can check it out just now!

British Adventures

British Adventures.



Caltech Magazine

Caltech Magazine.

Stick Insects

Stick Insects.

Innovative States

Innovative States.



Californian Drought

Californian Drought.

Protecting Assets

Protecting Assets.

The Future of Books

The Future of Books.

Interconnected Senses

Interconnected Senses.

09 May 2012

Light Installations by Lee Eunyeol. Mystic Nights

The wonder of the starry nights are perfectly brought into the works…

03 Nov 2008

Beer: Taste Or Marketing Course?

One of my friends gave me the book yesterday, it’s a “Beer…

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  • Web design companies
    December 29, 2011

    Wow! Really cool works. Thanks for inspiring me!

    January 9, 2012

    love the toast knuckle dusters 😀 lol

  • Serene Recycler
    February 1, 2012

    love your art, imagination and sharing it with us!

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