10 Collections of Blurred Backgrounds Every Web Designer Must Have on Hand

Blurred effect for a background is rather popular recently. And it’s not surprising: this style is totally neutral and therefore it’s indeed suitable for any theme. In addition to that, in spite of its simplicity, blurred pictures look quite elegant and pretty, which is a big advantage for a web design.

Today I’d like to share with 10 packs of blurred backgrounds. They are all free, so you just need to choose a collection you like, click a link and download a file. By the way, the examples can be used not only in web design, but also in app development, presentations, infographic and anywhere the neutral background would be suitable.

10 Grunge Blurred Backgrounds

10 Grunge Blurred Backgrounds.

6 Bokeh Blur Background

6 Bokeh Blur Light Shiny Bright Gradient Background

11 Blurred Backgrounds

11 Blurred Backgrounds.

Spring Color Blurred Background Pack

Spring Color Background Pack.

Spring Color Blurred Background Pack 2

Spring Color Background Pack 2.

Blurred Backgrounds

 Blurred Backgrounds.

Blur | Smooth Background

Blur | Smooth Backgrounds.

Wegraphics Blurred Backgrounds

Wegraphics Blurred Backgrounds.

10 Natural Blurred Background

10 Natural Blurred Background.

Dribbble Background By Badhon Ebrahim

Dribbble Background By Badhon Ebrahim.

I’ve tried to to represent backgrounds of different styles to increase a chance for you to find something useful for your projects. Nevertheless, these examples are the ones I suppose to be the most interesting: you feel free to share your favorite backgrounds in the comments.

Don’t forget to check out more Backgrounds.

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