Give This Trick a Place in Your Passion! Cinemagraph Technique from Jamie Back

She covers all things fashion… Her name is Jamie Back and she’s a NYC based photographer. Apart from beautiful vintage-inspired ensembles that one can find on Jamie’s blog, there are also some intricate cinemagraphs that all have a subtle and delicate area of movement. But how is she getting that animated gifs? How is it possible to make everything else stand still while only one or two things are moving? Perhaps by making sequence of images and then looping those still shots on that one object. Or it’s a kind-of fluid motion locally incorporated to capture a moment of time. That’s simply mesmerizing how she brings life to an image! Every single picture leaves speechless… They all transmit such a splash of stylish dignity, elegance, and taste. Just pure love for this gorgeous cinemagraph technique! Now you gotta love this too!

Cinemagraphs chopard.

Cinemagraphs Summer & Wine.

Cinemagraphs Chanel.

Cinemagraphs Young Love.

Cinemagraphs Saks Fifth Avenue.

Cinemagraphs Armani.

Cinemagraphs Lincoln Motor Company.

Cinemagraphs Chloe.

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    June 27, 2012

    freakin’ awesome 😀

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