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The phrase “Purple Cow” is the leading one in our today’s post. And it is not only because we are going to present you the websites with original designs, but because all of them contain the images of a cow. Cows in Web Design – that is the point of our interest today. When we speak about websites, the term “purple cow” is used to mark those that are out of the ordinary and stand out of the crowd. As well as the purple cow attracts attention, the creative designs attract more visitors and clients. All sites from our list are eye-candy and all of them are interesting for us because of cool cow illustrations integrated in them. While browsing the web, you can notice that quite a lot of sites use cow images in their designs. The subjects of these sites range from the cattle-breeding to the web design studios. In any case, cow images bring them some catchy look and creativity. It seems to be a certain trend and you can easily check it out in this tiny compilation of Cows in Web Design.

You may also want to check out TemplateMonster’s showcase of 40 websites that use creative illustrations as a part of their design. There should be plenty of ideas of how you can incorporate illustrative style into your own website.


Cow & Monkey


Smoking Cow


Brown Cow Design


Cobalt Cow


Cow Says Moo


Cows Can’t Count


Crazy Cow


Dead Cow


Flying Cow Design


Flying Cow


Holy Cow


John Cow dot Com


Lunar Cow


Purple Cow


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  • Dbryant
    September 21, 2011

    I really enjoy the use of cows on these pages. Who knew heifers could be so engaging! I think it’s interesting that we dub websites ‘purple cows’ when they are particularly interesting for their engagement and interactivity. For one, it’s interesting to see how one idea or branding concept, of cows, can really take of graphically across the web. Each one of these sites use the cow image in some way but brand themselves differently through layout, imagery, and text. After checking out some of the sites, I found that the some were better than others, and that implementing interactive features should always bolster the sites message.

    For instance, I’m not sure if I totally like flying cow lab’s website, as while the cows hovering around your mouse, strung with balloons, is cute and entertaining, it does little to reflect the site’s purpose and merely shows that the designers at that firm are capable of small interactive scripting. Holy Cow’s web page however really uses interactive design to further there ideas and branding. Going to different sections of the website moves you across the different meat sections of the body of a cow. Not only is this highly entertaining, it really adds to the branding of the site.

    Overall, these were some nifty ideas and I really like seeing so many cow designs! A lot of the pages have some great ideas and gel well as an identity for their respective sites.

  • Stealth Web Design
    September 30, 2011

    Who would have though cows in designs would be so popular? 🙂

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