Brochure Designs as Smart and Effective Business Weapons

When it comes to the promotion or advertising we can’t manage without one small, but very important thing. This smart business weapon is a brochure which plays one of the leading parts in the marketing process. A professional brochure is not just a piece of paper with some information about your products or promotional materials, but also a specific business card of your company. That’s why you should pay attention to the design of a brochure, its style and color scheme. Therefore one of the most eye-catching design parts in the professional creation of a brochure is its shape. Of course it depends form the type of your business and company’s concepts, but the shape should be really unique and effective. In this way your brochure will not only fulfill the informative task, but also the promotional part of your marketing ploy. In this post you will see great examples of the most interesting and unusual brochure designs which have different structures, shapes and colors. Take this “brochure” inspiration and create your own!

Die Cut Boucher on Valentines day

Die Cut Boucher on Valentines day.

Die cut folding brochure

Die cut folding brochure.

Offset Paper Die Cut Brochure

Offset Paper Die Cut Brochure.

Z-fold Brochure for the Van Gogh Museum (concept)

Z-fold Brochure for the Van Gogh Museum.

Vermont State Travel Brochure

Vermont State Travel Brochure.

Interior Designer Brochure

Interior Designer Brochure.

Chinese Zodiac Brochure

Chinese Zodiac Brochure.

Slovenian Writers

Slovenian Writers brochure.

Game Park Safari Brochure

Game Park Safari Brochure.

Company Profile Brochure Creative 

pany Profile Brochure Creative.

Disco Menu Brochure

Disco Menu Brochure.

Garden Farm agriculture TriFold Brochure

Garden Farm agriculture TriFold Brochure.

Australian Native Waterwise Plant Brochure

Australian Native Waterwise Plant Brochure.

SDF Pop-up Brochure


Triangular Folding Brochure

Triangular Folding Brochure.

Green Brochure

Green Brochure.

Architectural Model Festival brochure

Architectural Model Festival brochure.

Annual Giving Brochure

Annual Giving Brochure.

Audi Brochure

Audi Brochure.

Exhibition Press Kit Brochure

Exhibition Press Kit Brochure.

3rock Corporate Brochure

3rock Corporate Brochure.

Farmer’s Market Brochure

Farmer’s Market Brochure.

Brochure Design Reblog

Brochure Design Reblog.

Universe Brochure

Universe Brochure.
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    April 28, 2012

    I accede with this..Brochures are great marketing tools to represent your business and its standard..And perfect brochure designs attract people to enquire about your services and business activities and make you a choice to choose…

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    If you want to show your company to be a reputed and well established company your brouchure is reflection of your company better the design best it will do for you by attracting customer to your business…

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