Crystal Snowflakes in Macro Photography

There are so many beauties in the world that can’t be seen with a naked eye and that’s why professional photographers have got used looking through the camera lenses at everything around. They are always ready to take the desired picture and to capture the chosen object. Macro photography is one of the most interesting photo techniques to be studied. It helps to capture the small objects bigger than they are in the real life. It doesn’t mean that you get close to the object or zooming, you just work with the lenses properly in order to achieve the necessary effect. Actually, you can enter the world of macro photography only with the good macro equipment. Today we will not focus our attention on all technical details of macro photography, but we will browse the wonderful shots of crystal snowflakes. These fascinating images are really worth your attention, let’s have a look at them!

The Perfect Snowflake

The Perfect Snowflake.

White Flowers

White flowers.


Snowflakes photo.

Snowflakes up close

Snowflakes up close.

A little snowflake!

A little snowflake!



Gigantic Snowflake

Gigantic Snowflake.



Snowflake Winter White

Snowflake Winter White.

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  • Stoneart
    March 3, 2011

    Amazing photos, thanks for posting. Water accumulates energies and those energies shape water after freezing.
    You can get inner substance of anything by having water touch it or be next to it and then freezing it. If you don’t like the shape then that thing is not good for you.
    You can put cellphone next to a water bottle for couple of days and then watch it freeze into an ugly one.

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