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Have you ever thought that using a template for the site creation is a zero-risk undertaking? You get a goodie at no cost, polish it to achieve the desired look and get the site you need. Quality of the freebie is the point that matters here. We offer you only premium class goodies for free in our weekly series. Design Studio Free HTML5 Theme – the fresh ready-made theme for those who want to start a classy website.

If you want your clients to see creative and sleek design of your website, consider this theme.

What Makes this Free HTML5 Theme a Desired One?

Well-structured and ordered layout. Wise separation of content emphasizing its essential parts makes it neatly arranged and readable.

Good pick of colors. Header and footer are outlined and colored in blue, thus setting the tone of the theme. Headings and icons in the same blue color guide the visitors throughout the page.

Well-executed navigation. You can be sure that future visitors will not have questions about how to get the desired information on your site. This theme shows explicitly the way to all its parts. Drop down menu, wise arrangement of content blocks, visual accents make users’ browsing comfortable.

Easy tuning. Customization of this theme will not become your headache. Being well-coded by skillful guys, it will not take you extra time and efforts for being customized.

To see it in live action, follow the demo link below. Like this theme? Go ahead and click download button to get it.

view demo | get theme

Go on browsing the post to see the set of pages of this theme.





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