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Good news, folks! We are glad to introduce you to a new great web resource for web professionals and creative people. This is a one-stop place for web designers where you can find tons of awesome design goodies including illustrations, vector art, useful addons etc. DesignTNT offers a wide range of premium design products at fair prices. The following project has a membership system and it means that you can download a lot of useful things almost for free. Also guys from DesignTNT have many small surprises for the customers so you can get a pretty good discount.

So, here is list of all great design goodies that you can find at the

  • Addons – they have just the addons you need for your favorite software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Make your job a lot easier by using our presets, styles, actions and scripts.
  • Brushes – here you can find an amazing library of PS brushes, from floral swirls to grunge and abstract, all top notch resources. You can use their PS brushes starting with CS version of Photoshop, so download and enjoy!
  • Textures – improve your designs and save you time with ready to download and use textures! As a designer, you don’t always have the time to create your own textures. DesignTNT has an attractive collection of textures for you to use in your design projects.
  • Tutorials – improve your skills and learn some new tricks to become a better designer! DesignTNT’s tutorials will give you some valuable tips and update your performance in using programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop among others.
  • Vectors – save precious time on your design projects with the royalty free vector sets from DesignTNT! These vector resources are just what you need to create amazing artwork with less effort.

Get a subscription to DesignTNT today and start downloading your favorite design goodies!

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