Tired of Empty Space? Try 8 Dummy Image Generators for Web Designers

Sometimes there is a need to create a random picture without making efforts. It’s not only about laziness: in some cases illustration indeed is permissible to be whichever without requirements of deep concept. You can be surprised, but this can be used for the benefit of a project – proper distribution of efforts gives a real opportunity to pay more attention to other elements.

Web designers, you have a way out – dummy image generators. These helpful services would easily provide with placeholder and dummy images, which are intended to fill useless empty space. Below I listed 8 dummy image generators considered to be the best for web designers.

Dummy Image Generator

At first this service offers to choose a motif of a picture – it’s eased by understandable categorization of the options available. Then the tool generates set of different size illustration, which can be downloaded as a zip file.

Random Image Generator

Except an option for size selection, Random Image Generator provides with original styles, which immediately brong to mind associations with expressionist visual art.

Dynamic Dummy Image Generator

This one is the most popular dummy image generator according to Google. The tool attracts with its simplicity: take size, take color of background and text, type the text – and here you go with a minimalist placeholder pic.

Dummy Images

Dummy Images is quite similar with the previous service, though it requires manual editing (of course, the instructions are included). Anyway, I like the way it visually represented and the design of the website.

Dummy Image Bookmarklet

This quite simple favlet would provide you with GIF placeholder with any height and width you wish.


FPO means For Placement Only and indeed the purpose of the tool is to provide with placeholders for any kind of surface – either website or a school newspaper.

Get Dummy Image

A nice feature of the tool is it gives an opportunity to create borders of different tints.


Placeholder is a really easy and quick way to make a placeholder image. To get the one you need to put the needed dimensions after offered URL.

The criteria of arrangement is functionality – I’ve tried to place examples from more to less. The usefulness for web designers has been also taken into consideration. By the way, all of the services are online and most of them allow you to make online image editing free. I chose them for purpose, keeping in mind it’s much more comfortable to make a few clicks on a website than to mess about downloading, installing, and so on.

If you know more effective dummy image generators, I’d be glad you share them in the comments.

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