Chat Plugins to Improve Communication on WordPress

In case you want to develop your website constantly, the importance of communication with its visitors should be realized. Logically, you should know sympathies and the latest tendencies of your target audience to make your resource more satisfactory. There are a lot of different features that can help to know readers better in this case. The most common is of course the commenting system. And if talking about WordPress: it has this option by default. However, some plugins for advance can installed, for example popular Disqus.

The other widespread way to find out readers views is to make a poll. Well, it’s clear enough what the poll is and the mechanism of info gathering is obvious.

The third thing I’d like to concentrate on is actually chat. We find out a lot (maybe even the most) from chatting in real life, the situation is the same on the internet. So, today I’d like to present chat WordPress plugins, you can easily improve your site with.



Rumbletalk presents an excellent chat widget with plenty of useful features. It’s closely connected with Facebook and Twitter, it’s greatly set up for mobiles and tablets. The plugins also carries different themes, which can be changed by a user’s wish.

Simple Chat

Simple chat.

As it comes from the name, the main goal of this plugin is simplicity. The chat is based on Google.

Simple Ajax Chat

Simple Ajax Chat.

This plugin would be especially interesting for people familiar with programming, because it gives wide opportunities for customization.


Casengo Live Chat Support.

Casengo is intended specifically for Customer Support needs. The plugin creates a chat, which allows your visitors contact your team your team with no problem.

Community Lite Video Chat

Community Lite Video Chat.

I haven’t forgotten about the communication via video, and AvChat is the best solution available for WordPress. It gives a chance to make a whole video conference within a website with the help of a webcamera. By the way, the plugin is fully compatible with tablets and smartphones.

BuddyPress Group Tinychat

BuddyPress Group Tinychat.

This plugin is integrated with BuddyPress networking and make it possible to create chatrooms for BP groups.

I’ve tried to select plugins of different direction: text, video, customer support or simple chatting and so on. Hopefully, that would increase your chances to find anything you really need for your website.

If you have any additional thoughts regarding the chat plugins for WordPress – feel free to share them in the comments.

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