Email Page Designing: 15 Rules to Follow

The best way to represent a company is to create a high quality Email page design. There are 15 simple rules that can be followed to achieve effective response from your email efforts. Select a suitable image with a supporting content. Page layout needs to follow certain considerations. Your email should be designed in such a manner so that it attracts and directs viewers to your desired page. Presentation of email is important and interactive elements such as video and content boxes will be of great advantage for your email page design.

HTML email designs can be created in a manner that it keeps to a pint of being critical. The main aim should be to attain reader’s engagement. Always remember, website building ideas should be left aside before designing an HTML email. Avoid any kind of clutter such as animation and tables. Keep everything simple, yet vital. Only then your message will hit the right chord.

Things to Include

  1. Fonts used in websites cannot be used in emails as they do not reach inboxes. Basic fonts such as Verdana, Georgia, Calibri, Arial and some others can be used in HTML texts and fonts.
  2. Emails must feature a proper message or a driving story. You must be able to put forward your subject. Email messages become effective only when your content is highlighted. A relevant illustration supporting your content can be included in the email body and header.
  3. Important sections of a proper email page are: headline, subject line and body. Send an email that remains in the memory of your targeted audience.
  4. Do not let your audience scroll your email text. You must keep your email page width to a standard 650 pixel. Most users around the world tend to read from left to right. Create your email in such a manner so that your content-pull remains strong on the left side.
  5. Emails are directed to generate mostly ‘call to action’ from the users’ end. Use snappy lines in order to get positive and fast actions. Adding a touch of immediacy in emails is a creative thing.
  6. Engage your user. Emails must be created in such a manner so that web users (who do not like wasting time) are attracted enough to continue reading and taking immediate action on the basis of your email.
  7. Identify yourself well in order to look trustworthy. We all know how email users are tired and bored with bulk and promotional mails. Your message must be right and to the exact point that reaches the email audience. You must not look like a suspicious spam mailer or a stranger sending the mail.
  8. Keep your email design that fits content in not more than 3 columns. Putting an image on the left will earn you user engagement. Arousing visual interest will further let the email reader continue with the text.
  9. Keep your layouts, paragraphs, messages and design elements to a bare minimum. Do not let your email users feel they are waiting for too long to complete the text/message in the email. Clean and simple messages satisfy users and allow them to believe they are not stuck for a longer time. Your goal is to attract attention by keeping everything to the point.
  10. Put visual cues, add icons and links in your email content so that users were directed to a recommended page. Let them follow or subscribe your page. Your email must have a suitable content that allows users to continue visiting the web page you want them to visit.
  11. Keep your texts prominent and add browser link in your emails so that users can view them on their web browser when email clients take long time to load and open.

Things Not to Include

  1. Do not include images in your email page design. Most users block images by putting off the ‘Display Images’ option. Beautiful and creative images will not hit most users so it is of no use. Header and body content are important factors in emails and so keep your content to the point and descriptive so that your message gets to them. Alt-tags can be applied in the images in order for them to display even when display image option is turned off.
  2. Fancy designs must be avoided. Statement should be prompt so that the message reaches your targeted audience.
  3. Animation, flashy moving images, tables and CSS must be completely avoided. These tools do not match well with emails page designs.
  4. Make your emails mobile friendly. Most people are hooked to smart phones so creating an all-user-friendly email page design is important to attract more users. Check your emails on iPhone, iPads and smart phones before sending them across to users.

Maintain a focused approach in email page designs. Email responses depend on result-oriented effective content presentation. Keep your brand consistency intact and maintain standard styles (available in several email style guides).

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