Flickr Inspired Photo Collection

Flickr being one of the best photo sharing social networks continues to deliver us amazing photos. Everyday thousands of web users upload, share and comment millions of photos hosted at this website and we are pretty sure that you can’t find better place to do that. Today we’ve decided to share with you a piece of Monday inspiration and we thought that it is time to see how Flickr fans pay the tribute to their favorite social network. To tell you the truth we really love this project and we think that this is one of the best sources of inspiration for many creative people around the world. So, long live Flickr and let’s enjoy the magic of blue and crimson circles!

Mathiasappel flickr photo.


Brankocovic flickr photo.


Buttontin flickr photo.


Loupix flickr photo.


Elena Flecha flickr photo.


Duncan Flickr photo.


Nounours78 flickr photo.


Zanastardust flickr photo.


Inspiredreamcreate flickr photo.


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