Top 25+ Free Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Adobe illustrator is a vector based program. The program is a bit complex and needs more time from the learner to become a master. Illustrator supports the undo function. It is common that people do many mistakes during their design phase and want to go back to the previous stage, where undo operation will be highly useful. Keeping this in mind, Adobe Illustrator supports undo functionality and it is one of its best functions. It will be tough to learn and practice illustrator from the start, but you can become a master after some experience. Photoshop deals with pixels, whereas Illustrator deals with lines and algorithms. You can create vector graphics of lines and curves using Adobe Illustrator. If you are experienced in Photoshop, then you will find many similar items in Illustrator. If you are new to Photoshop itself, then it will take more time to get familiar with the features of illustrator.

Using illustrator may be little bit tricky for those who are more comfortable with Photoshop. It will be difficult to find out and realize the difference between Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but you will get used to it once you are experienced. Fortunately, you can get much help today in the form of free Adobe Illustrator tutorials. Many of these online tutorials are here to help you in understanding the Illustrator better. Generally, people spend a lot of time studying Illustrator, but online tutorials are rather useful to brush up your knowledge on Adobe’s vector application. The following free Adobe Illustrator tutorials will explain you the top techniques used in Adobe Illustrator.

Create a Trendy Vintage Style Barber Logo in Illustrator

This tutorial lets you know how to create a perfect logo for a classic barber. This tutorial explains you how to come up with the logo using popular vintage theme.

How To Create an 8-Bit Pixel Character in Illustrator

This tutorial explains you about how to come up with an 8-bit pixel character in illustrator using the simple rectangle tool.

Create a Detailed Coffee Maker Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Get to know about how to design a coffee maker in adobe illustrator with this tutorial. You will also get to know how to use simple 3D extrude and bevel effect, basic blending techniques, basic masking techniques etc.

How To Create a Simple Landscape Scene in Illustrator

Using illustrator basic shapes, you can create a simple landscape scene in illustrator. Using the tools, you can shape up the scene illustration and for textures use Photoshop.

Realistic Vector Orange

Use this tutorial to know how to design a photo of realistic vector orange in illustrator. This tutorial covers many effects that include sponge, plastic wrap etc. to come up with the photo.

Fun Vector Monster Character Illustrator Tutorial

Using different rounded shapes, you can design a fun vector monster character in illustrator and this tutorial will help you on this.

Create a Set of Download Buttons

Using the basic shapes, tools and techniques and with basic vector shape building techniques, you can create a set of download buttons with the help of this tutorial.

Create 3D Pixel Art in Illustrator

This tutorial explains you how to create 3D pixel art in Illustrator CS6. You can gain knowledge about live paint, pathfinder functionality, extrude and bevel, layers etc. through this tutorial.

Create a Cartoon Skull Sticker in Illustrator

Using the shape tools, pen tools, pathfinder etc. you can create a cartoon skull sticker in illustrator and this tutorial will help you to design that.

Create a Simple Razor Blade Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Setting up a simple grid, using basic tools and techniques, get to know how to design a razor blade illustration in illustrator.

How to Create Color Transition with Blend Tool in Adobe Illustrator

Using the technique of creating blend objects just get to know how to create color transitions in adobe illustrator through this tutorial.

How to Combine Several Gradients in Adobe Illustrator

Using some combination of gradient fills along with blending modes, opacity masks and gradients with transparent sliders, learn about how to combine several gradients in illustrator.

Create a Flamboyant Arab Male Avatar in Adobe Illustrator

Set up your files, trace your sketch and finish the design using different tools of adobe illustrator to come up with the design. Refer this tutorial for detailed explanation.

Create a Bald Eagle Illustration for Independence Day in Adobe Illustrator

It is tough to draw any living being and especially the eagle because you have to draw realistically the feathers. It certainly will take you some time and this tutorial will help you to draw a bald eagle easily.

Create a Detailed Envelope Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Setting up grids, using patterns, graphic styles etc. are part of this tutorial. With that, you can design an envelope illustration in illustrator.

How to Create an Aerial View Illustration of a Car in Adobe Illustrator

Just you have to draw half of the car here. That is the best part of this tutorial. With this tutorial, you can come up with an aerial view of the car.

Create a Futuristic Robot Helmet in a Line Art Style in Adobe Illustrator

It is an advanced tutorial for the illustrator experts. Using the pen tools, eclipse tool, rounded rectangle and eyedropper tool, you can come up with the design.

Create a color group with Illustrator’s Live Color tool

Selecting a color palette is difficult for designing any theme or logo. However, illustrator’s live color tool will be of great help to design a color group.

How To Create Stylish Pictogram Inspired Illustrations

It is enough to use some basic linework techniques to create some basic and cool illustrations. This tutorial teaches you to create a stylish pictogram through such basic techniques.

Daft Punk Poster in Illustrator

With the help of this tutorial, create a simple poster for daft punk. You have to use both the illustrator and Photoshop for the poster design.

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