How to Test Your Responsive Designs?

Getting responsive websites is becoming the trend of the season. If your website is not accessible on mobile devices your business may get flop. The present scenario says that a person can live without anything but not without his smart phone. With the advent of smart phones in the world every single thing starting from buying a pencil to buying a car; you can do it using your smart phone sitting in any corner of the world. Isn’t it great?

Approximately 90% of today’s generation buy things online, if not buy then at least browse things online. It would be great if they are visiting your website for a particular product they desire. But for this it is crucial for you to make your website a responsive one. Now when your website is responsive how will you come to know that it is working equally well on smart phones as on the desktop? This is a thing that requires a serious thought. Well no need to worry.

Here in this post we are discussing some very useful online tools that will help you in analysing your website’s reports on different smart devices.

1. ResponsiveTest

This is an open source website checking tool that will help you to find out how your website will fit into the various screen sizes. Responsive Test supports various smart devices like BlackBerry, iPhone, Samsung mobile phones, Laptops from Dell and lots more. Use this tool for finding out the page layout of your website.

2. Responsinator

This unique online tool will takes in the URL and then will provide you with the sequence of device mockups including the web pages in them so that you can visualize how your website will look like in various devices.

3. Am I responsive?

This online tool is a very simple tool which is used for testing the responsiveness of your website. The best part is that the images that it opens will turn into great visuals for your presentations and design meetings and many more. Enjoy this tool and prepare a report card for your website.

4. Viewport Resizer

This is a very useful bookmark and it allows you to resize your browser for specific dimensions e.g. it will allow you to set your browser for the dimension of an iPhone 5, Amazon Kindle or any other screen the viewer wants to see his website to.

5. resizeMyBrowser

This particular tool will allow you to resize your browser according to various default sizes that will match to some of the popular devices like MacBook, iPAd etc. It also allows you to set your own customized dimensions and will also explain you what is the size of your current browser.

6. Screenfly

It is simple like as that of any other tools in the list given here, Screenfly will take in the URL of your website and will provide you a page preview of the web pages under preset dimensions. It will help you to look for any kind of error visible on your website.

Which tool are you going to use? Well use any of the online tools for checking your website every tool will give you the exact result that you want to see. These are highly useful tools for checking the responsiveness of your website.

Author Bio: Anna Brown is working as a senior Web Designer in Xperts Infosoft, one of the reputed Web design Firms in India. She completed her graduation in animation and designing from Delhi University only. She likes reading and writing too. After her designing work she writes articles and blogs for promoting her company. She has a personal blog too. You can follow her on Twitter.

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