10 Snippets HTML5 Boilerplate Should Be Used With

HTML5 Boilerplate is a remarkable front-end HTML template. This tool is definitely a great assistant for creating websites and apps – many giants use it for their needs: Barack Obama, Google, Microsoft, Nike and other. HTML5 Boilerplate is fully responsive being exactly appropriate for the latest tendencies of mobile web growing. Also there would be no troubles with a search engine optimization – Google Analytics snippet would ease the process very much. By the way, about snippets: Google Analytics is not the only one – HTML5 Boilerplate indeed can be improved by a bunch of useful code snippets. Moreover, they come out the borders of HTML5BP – many HTML templates would fit.

So, I skip the introduction to HTML5BP basic usage, because all of that you can watch on YouTube. Going further, I’d like to present 10 snippets for HTML5 Boilerplate. Let’s start from the Google Analytics.

* * *

Google Analytics Snippet

* * *


* * *

Hiding Content for Accessibility

* * *

HTML5 Boilerplate Code Using Zen Coding

* * *

HTML5 Boilerplate with Comments

* * *

Conditional Comments Block Downloads

* * *

Webkit Font Smoothing

* * *

Client Side Image Resizing

* * *

Conditional Classes

* * *

Formatting Quoted Code

* * *

For deeper practice a wonderful book exists – HTML5 Boilerplate Web Development
I think, it would improve your understanding and managing with HTML5BP with no doubts.

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