[Infographic] Best 30 Tips For Conversion Rate Optimization

It’s normal to feel confused when your eCommerce website isn’t producing the revenue you’d hoped for. It’s disheartening to see many people visiting your website, but simply clicking away without purchasing. After all, you have thousands of competitors online and based on recent eCommerce statistics, there are millions of eCommerce sites available to browse. So it can be challenging to compete. While your Internet traffic statistics look good, your bottom line paints a disappointing picture. The issue might be how you’re projecting your company’s products or services. I’ve created an engaging infographic to bring you 30 proven tactics to improve your eCommerce conversion rate and make your website a winner. First, let’s briefly review a few tips you can’t miss.

Apply the Scarcity Principle

How you present your products online is as important as their quality. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Would you be more likely to buy a shirt if you know there are just two of that color remaining? You would surely act quickly if the design perfectly suits your needs. This is the scarcity principle at play. Rather than display an unlimited stock of products, create urgency to persuade your customers to purchase.

Reward Customers for Their Referrals

There aren’t very many online businesses that take referral rewards seriously. However, those who have are reaping the rewards with high eCommerce conversion rates. AT&T, Netflix, and Dropbox are some businesses that capitalize on the use of customer referral systems. I advise you incorporate this tactic into your business plan. Rewarding customers will help improve loyalty and ultimately raise profits.

Know What Customers Like

Have you ever heard of A/B testing? In theory, it’s a simple concept. Let me describe it with an example. Imagine you’ve created two different call to action button designs and you’re unsure which will attract more customer attention. This is where A/B testing comes into the picture. With this test, you can split your Internet traffic towards these two designs simultaneously. The design that achieves the highest eCommerce conversion rate wins. Of course, you might the help of a digital marketing consultant to conduct the analysis because it’s easier said than done.

This is just a small sampling of the helpful tactics included in my conversion infographic. Take a peek to see what you’re missing and what could transform your website into a conversion machine. If you’re looking for help with A/B testing or any other part of eCommerce conversion, I’d be happy to lend my industry expertise. Simply leave a comment below.

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Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant that specializes in sales funnels, targeted traffic and website conversions. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, Influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.

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