10 Awesome Free iPad 2 Games

It is a well-known fact that playing games is very relaxing activity so, we thought you will want to take a chance and test your shiny iPad2 with these awesome free games. Monday is surely worse than Sunday though we sincerely hope that our small collection will cheer up your Monday. We’ve tried to collect various games to satisfy even the most experienced iPad2 gamers. Freebies are great but it is always good to have more and more of them – so, as usual feel free to share your favorite free games for iPad2.


Feel the pulse of all horse powers hidden under the hood of your Mercedes-Benz – this game allows you to experience great dynamics, superb details and awesome performance.

* * *

2. Angry Birds

The world gaming bestseller is now avaliable for iPad 2 – so, it is time to teach those dirty pigs that stealing eggs will be punished.

* * *

3. Paper Toss: World Tour

World’s #1 office game goes global and now you can enjoy tossing paper all around the world – well, this game has gained a status of good old classics.

* * *

4. Hunters: Episode One

Hunters: Episode One is a real treasure for all strategy fans – here you’ll find pretty impressive game that would grace your collection.

* * *

5. Bowmaster

It is time to enhance your skills in bow shooting – so, find your inner Robin Hood and draw a bow!

* * *

6. TinkerBox

TinkerBox is a fun physics puzzle game and you have to just turn on your imagination. This game is a superb example how games can be entertaining and educational at the same time.

* * *

7. Smurfs’ Village

Hooray for Smurfywood! This game is based on the original cartoon and comic art – it means that Smurfs fans won’t be disappointed.

* * *

8. Pilgrim’s Punch-Out

In this game you must help Scott Pilgrim battle it out against Ramona Flower’s seven evil exes as they arrive to kill him. And don’t forget to check the movie in August!

* * *

9. Implode! Nature

This another addictiive educating game about explosions, dynamites and other dangerous stuff. If you think that it is very easy than why won’t you try it?

* * *

10. Flick Kick Field Goal Kickoff

It is time for penalties! Enjoy perfect dynamics and a bunch of various effects, so improve your shooting skills and start scoring points.

* * *

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