Mayeul Akpovi, the Timelapser. Art Video for Eyes and Soul

Its Majesty Internet may open really estimable pearls (that’s why I compassionate people of the pre-internet era). The most interesting thing is those information gems are so different that representatives of diverse strata have a chance to find something nutty exactly for themselves.

So, today I’d like to present a pearl that, to my opinion, would inspire web-design and other artistic people. Say hello to Mayeul Akpovi and his notable works. Mayeul was born in Benin, now he lives in Besançon, France.

Mr. Akrovi is a Motion Time-lapse Photographer, a short Filmmaker and a Corporate video producer. Not sure what a Timelapse is? Well, I wasn’t as well, but Mayeul prudently explained the meaning of the term on his website: “My work is focused on the capture of time and space as accelerated video while adding an artistic and sometimes cinematography touch. This process is called «Time-lapse»”.

Anyway, it’s just a cold definition: to realize the whole picture of this type of art you should check Mayeul’s compositions, which are concentrated on urban life.

* * *

Mayeul has perfectly transferred the soul of Paris (who have been there would understand) into this short video, which contains 3000 photos. The music background by Massive Attack deepens the whole atmosphere. I enjoyed most the moment with the fireworks sparking behind the evening Eiffel Tower: it’s literally awesome.

* * *

I personally like the second part more than the first one: maybe, it’s because the video implicates more nighttime scenes, and I can’t imagine Paris more distinctive, than Paris at night. Also I would say, the style is more urban and the video flow is more fleeting. Massive Attack plays on the background again – I assume Mayeul is a great fan of this band. The fireworks are unalterably included.

* * *

In conclusion I want to share few latest photos of Paris from Mayeul’s Facebook page.

* * *

* * *

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