Incredible Paper Art by Peter Callesen

We all hold paper and scissors in our hands when we were children, but not all of us created something really impressive with these simple things. Actually, it is possible to create a masterpiece out of nothing, you only have to apply your creativity and talent. If you don’t believe, just look through the stunning collection of works created by Peter Callesen, the modern artist that is widely known for his incredible installations made of A4 paper. Of course, his portfolio is rich for other interesting works on water, snow, ice, even drawings, but today let’s focus our attention on the impressive paper cuts created by this talented artist.

White Hand

White Hand.

Distant Wish

Distant Wish.

Looking back

Looking back.

The Dying Swan II

The Dying Swan II.

All in All

All in All.








Walking Snail

Walking Snail.


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  • Bronson
    August 4, 2010

    Wow this is amazing. What the artist has managed to create is one thing, but wht they have done with the negative spaces is totally sublime.

    Mad skills indeed.

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