How to Design a Poster No One Can Look Away From: Tips and Guides

Earlier posters were a piece of printed paper aimed to attract attention to the surface. However we live in the information technology era and the main field of activity is internet. A the evolution of posters is obvious: they are created exactly for the web.

More often they are used as the elements of web design. Also, being a great tool for advertising, posters can be creatively used for web marketing. With a well-designed poster you can successfully advertise a product (for example, a movie) or event (for example, a gig). But remember the look of posters can be made in many ways, because there a lot of styles: for now the most popular are vintage and minimalist styles.

The current post is aimed to help you to design a remarkable post, which matches the time. So, welcome 10 poster design tips & guides.

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9 Graphic Designers Tips for Fabulous Posters

The article gives a general information about the poster-making, mostly concentrating on the graphic side of creation.

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7 Tips to Design a Good Effective Poster

This is also a general post on the posting, however the tips here are more general, than the ones in the previous article.

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How to Design a Poster: Graphic Design

This video guide will tell you about the elements designing poster in quite affordable and original manner.

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10 Tips On Creating Killer Gigposters

This cool article will teach you how to design great artistic posters for gigs, rock concerts and rock bands. Wonderful examples are included.

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The Elements of Retro Web Design

It’s a very long article, but don’t be afraid, all the info is useful. The post includes tips and guides and mini-tuts for designing different elements of a poster. Everything concerns vintage style.

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How to Design Posters

This step-by step guide will show the basis of designing posters. Every step is supported by the schematic pic.

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Rules for Poster Design

This short article contains useful rules for creating a poster from a printing company.

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7 Elements of a Great Movie Poster Design

This article will tell you a lot about the proper way of creating movie posters.

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How to Design a Movie Poster – Top Ten Tips to Grab the Eye of a Sales Agent, Distributor or Audience Member

This article is more marketing-oriented, than the previous one. It will teach you to make your movie posters more demanding.

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Poster Design Tips for PagePlus

This article will provide you with very detailed tips for designing poster in PagePlus, a special desktop publishing utility by Serif.

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The articles carries info about different types of posters, so choose the one you need – and start designing. Good luck!

Do you like the digest? Maybe you want more tips about the particular style in the nest post? Please let me know in the comments.

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