Reflective Photos of The World Around Us

The world around us is a huge mirror that reflects itself. Some objects reflect the others and at the same time are reflected somewhere too. Mirrors, glasses, lakes and smooth surfaces reflect everything around them and create stunning visualizations of the trivial things. Actually, the reflected images are the same as the initial objects – they feature the same size, but face some other way. At the same time, when the surface is not flat, the reflected objects gain the unusual shapes and it is even hard to tell what image is reflected. Sometimes it is really captivating to observe the reflective photos that display the original curves and shapes.
Creative reflective photos from this collection capture the wonderful scenes of the world around us in all its diversity. Let’s browse them and enjoy their beauty!

Mountains Landscape Nature

Mountains Landscape Nature.

Lake and Mountain Under White Sky

Lake and Mountain Under White Sky.

Church Lake Sunset

Church Lake Sunset.

Red kayaks on a mountain lake

Red kayaks on a mountain lake.

Little alley in Morges

Little alley in Morges.

Lensball in the sunset

Lensball in the sunset.

High-rise building

High-rise building.


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