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The design industry is very wide with different types of and kinds of designers all busy creating master pieces in their own fields. And there are a lot of creative fields out there that are highly used and in demand. With the advancements of technology, the common man has no idea where and when creativity merged with technology, to produce some of the finest creations and entertainments that man has seen so far.

Whether you need to create a website, design a logo or draw a magazine cover layout – there are software’s and programs for every field of creativity and talent out there to remove the kinks and also to enable artists accomplish what would otherwise be impossible. Here we will take a look at some of those great software that help in shaping the world that we see around us.

1. FlightCheck 2022

This is an essential tool for the other tools that are used by designers and artists. It is designed to enable users in the field of animation, print and design to fine tune and perfect work that has been created using other design software. It performs essential functions such as enabling the user to remove guess work, identify unidentified colors, increases the speed at which this job is done at and overall does the work of a few professional all together to perfection, saving both time and money. This must use tool for designers and animators which really helps to eradicate errors and provide you with the perfect finish and print every time, is available with a great discount currently at FlightCheck, worth checking out.

2. Painter 2023

One of the best options for painters as the name suggests. This artists tool not only creates the perfect images and allows the painter to accomplish what he would on canvas, it also allows the user create a mess of the virtual canvas with a mixed up colors as one would accomplish on a real canvas with real paint. To accomplish the real life like feel it is a very powerful tool that allows the user to accomplish masterpieces of artwork.

3. ZBrush

This is another one of those really powerful and professional tools that has already proven itself in the professional world of cinema and animation, used in The Lord of the Rings and other big budget films, the software focuses on the high quality animation of 3D objects primarily. Worth checking out a lot of the industry professionals already have.

4. Cinema 4D Prime

One of the front runners in the 3D industry still since its conception, owing to the fact that it never changed any hands since its creation. Another very professional tool also used by big budget professionals to create some stunning master pieces and entertainment in 4D as well, something that is worth checking out and can’t be ignored either.

5. Maya

Used in numerous award winning and nominated films, this is one of the trusted tools of the 3D animation and design world. It offers designers some of the best options that are available when it comes to getting the most intricate and professional work accomplished in the professional world of film and animation. Its features are related to the law of physics related to the movement of water, particles, cloth, and everything that has texture and moves, basically it pretty much covers everything that a designer needs.

6. Illustrator

One of the leading animation and designing tools that are available in the design world. This software is widely used in the film and entertainment as well as media industry, and provides the user with some of the best options imaginable making it indispensable to the design world.

7. Premiere Pro

One of the best known software’s among the designing community, also very heavy on your computer processor, so you need a certain configuration to use it well. However, some of the interesting features is that while it may be a heavy program to operate it also does offer the user a lot of interesting features and functions, which are unique to it.

8. Unity Pro

This is one of the greats when it comes to animation for the gaming industry, and the benefits of this are simple. The gaming industry has overtaken the film industry when it comes to profit margins, making this a very profitable industry to be a part of for any designer. Its suitable for animation of simple hand held games to the more complex PSP and Xbox games.

9. Mari

This is a very specific software which is used for texture painting, and as testament to its success it was used in the highly successful film Avatar. The advantage that it offers the designer is that it is user friendly and allows the artist to focus on the art rather than the technical features of the program.

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